Hot Colors for Fall 2010: Grey

Even though we’re still feeling the heat of summer, walk into a mall or clothing store and all you see are items for the upcoming fall season. One of the colors we’re seeing a lot for Fall 2010 is a lighter grey, often referred to as an oyster grey. So, I thought why not carry this color trend for fashion over to furniture?

I dug through Inmod’s array of furniture and found four grey pieces that work all year round, not just for Fall!

1. Weed Pillow

2. Paulin Slice Chair

3. Event Sofa Set

4. Avenue Square Area Rug

Greys are great because they aren’t quite as dark as black, or as bright as white, yet they provide a versatile canvas to create a fun palette. Which, again, can be worked all year long. For example, in warmer seasons pair grey with deep yellows and pinks for a summery feel. In the fall and cooler months, a light grey looks perfect with a bold turquoise and plummy purple. Of course, you can always keep it neutral by matching it against black or white.

What are your favorite colors to use with grey?


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