The Cora Lamp – An Inspired Modern Classic

The Cora Lamp is an inspired reproduction of a lamp designed by Achille Castigloni and Pier Giacomo in 1962. Almost 50 years later, the lamp is still widely popular throughout mid-century modern decor.

Influenced by a streetlamp, the objective of the original design was to provide overhead lighting without installing lights into the ceiling.

The Cora Lamp is supported by a 154 lb. marble base that supports a stainless steel pole and extension rods.

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The two photos above show the lamp in two settings: in a modern living room and a modern dining room / kitchen. Both use varieties of the Cora Lamp to produce overhead lighting in different ways.

Where would you put the Cora Lamp? Would you do something similar to the photos above, or something different – like hanging over a bed?


One thought on “The Cora Lamp – An Inspired Modern Classic

  1. Terri Crum says:

    Oh…I love this lamp.. I am redecorating my living room & kitchen & using chrome/brushed metal fixtures…this would be beautiful!

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