Spring Cleaning: Staying Clutter Free

If April showers have you cooped up inside, it’s the perfect time to get some Spring cleaning done. For many, Spring cleaning involves a deep cleaning of all the nooks and crannies within the home, like curtains and blinds and other items that may not get a regular deep cleaning.

Another important part of Spring cleaning is getting rid of all the clutter within your home. From stacks of papers and shopping bags to clothes and shoes that are never worn, it’s time to get organized and reduce your clutter load before you end up on an episode of the show “Hoarders.”

As my bedroom was beginning to resemble some of those seen on that very show, I knew this weekend was my time to de-clutter. So four garbage bags of trash, recyclable paper and clothes for donation, I feel like a new person. Yet, while I was organizing all the things that I wasn’t throwing away or donating, I kept wishing for some sort of larger bookshelf or armoire to hold all of my necessities.

In the top left corner, you see the Gilbert Shelf, which would be great in a room as a bookshelf or tucked in a closet or pantry as a hidden shelving unit. For knick-knacks of all different shapes and sizes, I would definitely put the Panorama Shelving Unit to great use. And then for the office, I would organize all of my endless stacks of papers and bills with the Verona File Cart. Finally, to hold my television and CDs and other odds and ends, I thought the Crono Armoire Entertainment would be ideal.

Aside from these modern storage units, Inmod has plenty of other modern armoires, bookcases and shelving units available to suit your taste and your needs.

So tell us – how do you de-clutter?


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