How Would You Use the 0511 Wood Composite Pergola?

If you’re not familiar with a pergola, it’s a wooden structure with an open roof to provide a shaded area. Plants are often placed within a pergola and trained to grow around the columns and open roof. Shown above is the 0511 Outdoor Wood Composite Pergola that is newly available at Inmod.com.

This modern outdoor trellis is made from a highly-engineered composite of natural fibers and recycled plastics that feels like wood. It is weather-resistant and will not split, crack, rot, or splinter.

A pergola can be used in several different ways, so we’ve put together a collage of things you can situate under the 0511 Outdoor Wood Composite Pergola.

You can place a nice outdoor sofa, such as the Laguna Sofa, underneath the pergola for a shady spot to lounge and rest. Or you can place a Novel Double Bench there for those taking a quick rest stop to enjoy the scenery.

Create a place of devotion with the Enchanting Buddha or train plants to grow upward by starting them off in the Lemondrop Planter. You can also create a private dining area underneath the 0511 Wood Composite Pergola with the Turtle Beach Table Set.

So, our question is: How would you use the 0511 Wood Composite Pergola?


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  1. I would put it on the roof, add a couple of chairs, and hang out and watch the world around me in great style!

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