July Giveaway – Win a $350 Gift Card to Inmod

It’s time for Inmod’s July Giveaway to win a $350 Gift Card! To enter, first choose your favorite style of bedding from the six images below.

A = Bright bedding with colorful, printed graphics

B = Contemporary, colorful patterns on white background

C= Detailed embroidery in a variety of colors and patterns

D = Organic bedding in simple colors and designs

E = Neutral, colored backgrounds with flowers and nature-esque graphics

F = Bold, solid colors with textural shapes

Have you picked out your favorite bedding style?

All you have to do to enter to win the $350 Inmod Gift Card is to leave a comment on this post with the letter of the bedding you like the most, and what about the collection makes it your favorite. (If you’ve never left a comment before, you’ll have to register to enter)

Contest entries will be accepted until Sunday, July 31st at 11:59 PST. A winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, August 5th, 2011.


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  1. For me, a good night’s sleep is the new yoga and a power nap is the new black coffee. My bed is my own personal rejuvenation sanctuary, as it should be for every one. To accomplish this, I try to keep my bedroom as calm and as distraction-free as possible: no internet, no television, no job materials, no unnecessary clutter, and no artificial light. With that goal in mind, style B is the most appealing. It captures the smart and uncomplicated design aesthetic that is distinctive to Inmod, and it has a confident composure that isn’t overwhelming. In keeping my bedroom as a restorative space, it would allow me to maintain that vision by providing a mix of simplicity, soft tones, and crisp, modern style.

  2. F. solid, but not boring, very eye catching.. and the solid allows for various accessories of many colors that can be changed often to give a fresh look when needed

  3. I like the “F” collection because of the rich color and the opulent sheen of the fabric which would work well in a chic urban interior setting.

  4. I like E – there is detail and depth while the background color is not overwhelming me. I’d like to eventually drift off to sleep in the same room as bedding

  5. I like “C” It is romantic, but simple and soothing.

  6. My favourite style is E because I love floral prints and nature graphics. Neutral colours are nice too because they’re not glaring or garish.

  7. They’re all quite lovely. I’m a fan of B the most though. I love clean, simple lines. Very chic and modern.

  8. My favorite is E. This collection will really go well with the colors and design of my bedroom.

  9. I like F, it’s classic and I’ve always loved tone-on-tone patterns.

  10. I absolutely love the C collection. Being embroidered, the design is quite detailed. However, the designs are simple.

  11. I prefer F: Bold, solid colours with textural shapes. It is easy to build the decor of the room around these colours. I find it is always easier to work with solid colours. Also, if you want to change the decor of the room, your bedding can still work with a whole new decor. Thanks for the giveaway. Pauline (dod@rogers.com).

  12. C. love the colors and the natural element of the design.

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