Materials of an Area Rug

There are many different materials that area rugs can be made of, from synthetic to natural. The material you choose should take a few things into consideration, such as how long you plan to use the area rug, how soft you like rugs to be, where the rug will be used, etc.

For a soft, comfortable rug, a sheepskin rug is a good way to go. The sheepskin rug shown above is the Stellar Area Rug.

For an eco-friendly approach, go for rugs made from natural materials, like the Bay Sisal Area Rug. Made from the Agave Sisalana plant, sisal is not one of the more comfortable rugs, yet it is anti-static and sound absorbing as well as durable and long-lasting.

Acrylic rugs, such as the Earth Area Rug, are a less expensive alternative to wool rugs. They can hold the same color and provide the same look, but at a more affordable price and with minimal shedding. However, acrylic rugs don’t always take wear as nicely as wool rugs do.

Which brings us to wool rugs. Wool is a commonly used material for rugs because it’s extremely durable, it holds dye very nicely, it resists water, fire and other stains. Wool also resists dust mites, which is essential for those with allergies. A brightly-colored, hand tufted wool area rug such as the BEN-3005 Bense Area Rug brings pops of color while the shaggy COR-4602 Core Shag Area Rug, also made of wool, adds texture.

Do you have a type of area rug that you prefer? I’m more of a shag rug girl than anything else. How about you?


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