Staying Warm This Winter

How are you staying warm this winter? Most likely, you have heat in your home – but what about when you go to sleep at night? For many people, it’s extremely important to be as cozy and warm as possible to achieve the best night’s sleep as possible. But at the same time, you don’t want to be too warm because then you’re sweating and uncomfortable all night long!

The Ogallala Comfort Pearl Crescent Duvet that you see above just may be what the doctor ordered for the cold months for many of us ahead. The comforters are made of 330 thread-count cotton sateen fabric and Ogallala’s special Hypodown fill, which is a blend of goose down and the gossamer fibers of the native American Milkweed. This unique combination provides a light-weight, breathable material that prevents too much warmth, but also works with the different available warmths of the fill to provide the desired effect.

So, depending on how warm you like to be while you sleep, there are three different grades of warmth available. Arctic is the warmest, Classic & Southern provides moderate warmth and the Southernite is the least warmth.

Another great thing about the duvets from Ogallala is that they can be used as simple white bedding, or you can cover them up with stylish modern bedding and duvets!

If this post doesn’t make you want to go back to bed, I don’t know what will! Which comforter warmth would you choose?


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