Clutter-Free Framed Photo Collages

Organize your artwork in a full-of-life way without looking cluttered.

Frame collages are a great way to display your family photos, but sometimes they can be completely overdone and make your wall space look way too messy. When designing a photo collage, you have to step back and see if what you’re displaying not only looks good, but is designed in a creative and clean way.

The photos being displayed on the wall in this modern living room are arranged in such a way that they immediately attract your eyes. The clean lines of the frames parallel one another to create a beautiful and clutter-free frame collage. While the collage is the main focal element in the background, the green modern lounge chair and accessories are a beautiful, bright addition to this small and cozy living room.

What do you think is the best part about this room? What about the photo arrangement on the wall?


Green & Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Living

If you like the eclectic, mid-century style, you’re in for a treat with this living area. The flowering branch wallpaper surrounds the beautiful indoor potted garden in the wide open living room. The character in this space in so eclectic and unbelievable! You’d think that the mid-century classics are bound to get lost in the jungle-like space, but they’re quite pronounced.

The Nelson Style Bench along the right wall is a simple classic that adds more unique seating to this large conversational living room while also adding a bit more natural wood to this otherwise overwhelmingly green interior. Although the green Organic Chairs across the room blend in to the greenery behind them in this photo, they are quite iconic pieces of mid-century furniture that are sure to grab the attention of guests in any space.

What do you think of this space? Is there too much going on? Do you like the natural feel that is brought to this interior?


New @ Inmod: Kinwai USA!

Create a beautiful bedroom with the stunning and sophisticated modern bedroom furniture from Kinwai USA.

Kinwai USA offers quite a bold collection of bedroom furnishings that will be sure to create a comfortable, crisp and clean space where you can escape to when necessary. The unique accents, like the glass shelves with built-in LED lights on the Chico Platform Bed, add to the furniture to create an even more elegant bedroom hideaway.

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Classically Modern Open Space

Open floor plans are what every homeowner wants in their home nowadays. Closed off rooms are no longer popular which is great because an open room will normally create an airy feel that’s perfect for entertaining. This fantastic home has quite an open living space from the kitchen to the dining and living room areas.

Not only are open floor plans growing more popular every day, but so are modern furniture and many mid-century classic pieces. The beautiful wire coffee table paired with the marble top Saarinen Side Table makes this space feel classically modern, while the mustard sofa adds a true pop of retro, 50s-style design and color to the home.

Do you like a more open or closed floor plan?


New @ Inmod: Rossetto!

Live in the lap of luxury with modern furniture from Rossetto!

Italian craftsmanship at its finest is what you get with Rossetto furniture. Made in Italy, Rossetto’s furniture is constructed using only the highest quality materials including solid hardwood and even Swarovski Crystals. The Diamond Dining Table is accented with crystal inlays for a sleek and elegant design that quickly draws the attention of your guests to the gorgeous table. With so many styles and collections to choose from, we’re positive that you will find the furniture you’ve been searching for all this time.

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Mid-Century Modern Done Right

Mid-century classics just for you!

Take a look at this beautiful living room. It has everything you could want! Gorgeous modern classics sit in a truly retro space from the patterned wallpaper to the comfy lounge chairs. They create a nice conversational living room with lots of character. Too much of one thing can sometimes be detrimental to any interior, but the walnut furniture in this space blends sophistication and retro-modern design without overdoing it. The Plywood Dining Chairs are the main focus, but they don’t take away from the rest of the room. The patterned retro style wallpaper does wonders behind the bright stone fireplace.

What do you think about this mid-century style living room?


Studebaker Factory Collection: A Piece of History

The Studebaker Factory Collection features hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind coffee tables made from sturdy reclaimed lumber procured directly from the historic Studebaker automobile factory. In 1902, this iconic factory became one of the lead electric and gasoline vehicle manufacturers in North America. Each coffee table showcases a unique design with the original distressing, aging and chips from the late 19th century still intact in the wood grain. With only 2,500 tables made, the Studebaker Factory Collection is a limited edition item that is exclusively available at Inmod.

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New @ Inmod: Whiteline

Inmod is proud to announce the arrival of Whiteline to our large collection of modern furniture!

Whiteline offers a wide collection of modern and contemporary furniture for all home styles. Their products are crafted from high quality materials and are built to last. If you’re interested in acquiring comfortable and durable modern furniture, Whiteline will be sure to meet your needs.

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Wall Art Makes the Room Come Alive

Traditional apartment-condo living doesn’t mean you have to have a boring living space!

You’ve just moved in and the walls are white – SO WHAT! Forget about painting… That takes too long and you’ll most likely have to repaint when you move out; especially in an apartment. Really, there’s no need for paint when you can hang beautiful pieces of art on a large canvas. The canvases in this room add bonus color to the space that complements the retro, bright yellow and orange furniture. Imagine this place without the wall art… boring is the word that comes to mind. Even with the bright colored, mid-century modern furniture, without the wall art, this living room wouldn’t have that warm and inviting feeling.

It’s amazing how such a simple piece of art can change a space so much, right?


Get a Bit Wired…

Rustic, vintage, beach-modern…

No matter what type of style they’re placed in, the Bertoia Wire Chairs always add a unique aspect to any interior home décor. Whether the seat cushions are bright pastel colors or neutral tones, the wire chairs fit in beautifully when set around any dining table or used as a side chair in a living space. The Bertoia Wire Chair is a modern classic that you may have seen on multiple popular sitcoms, dramas, and commercials. And from what I can see, they won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

The Bertoia Wire Chair really is a work of art, isn’t it?