All Around Modern

How many modern classics are in this living room?

I see the Downlow Sofa and the Molded Plastic Eiffel Side Chair. But what about the Slick Cube Occasional Table, you say? There are two of them! So here we’ve spotted just a few of the products available on Inmod and I’m sure this home has plenty more in each of its other rooms. With such unique and chic furniture, why wouldn’t you want furniture like this in your home?


Retro Achieved!

Retro from floor to ceiling!

Uniquely decorated with geometric shapes and wood leg furniture, this living room takes you back to the old days. I’m almost certain that every piece of furniture and every accessory was been hand-picked to fit this space. Concept is important when designing any interior. Retro was definitely what this designer was going for, and boy did they achieve it!


Modern from the very beginning…

When it comes to designing a nursery for your newborn, simple is always better. No clutter, no problems – right?

Whether you’re building a nursery for the first time or renovating for a new baby, you need a clean, clutter-free space, so I think it’s about time you modernize your nursery. Most modern cribs are designed with the highest quality materials and must pass the highest of safety standards. Nursery furniture sets are an easy way to go when designing and decorating any space for baby. From cribs to dressers, we have everything you could be looking for. And you can’t forget a baby lounge! The Bloom Baby Coco Baby Lounger is comfortable and perfect for baby.

How do you want your new loved one to grow up? Treat him/her like a king/queen from the very beginning.


Bright, Colorful, and Funky

Every child desires a colorful space that they can play in and show off to their friends, so give them that space. This playroom is perfect for the kids and their friends, don’t you think? The cube shelving adds functional décor to the room while also giving you extra storage space to keep toys, books, etc. For added decoration, this family decided to design an add-on to the shelving units to liven up the room and make it more creative. It looks great, doesn’t it?

Now, you can’t forget the bean bag chair! Everyone loves bean bag chairs, and the chairs by Fatboy are comfortable and come in a variety of colors that anyone will love. It’s time to give the kids what they want and you know you want to re-live your childhood. The Fatboy beanbag chairs are the way to do it!


Floral Design in Retro Living Room

Floral patterns in a retro, mid-century modern style living room. The curtains match the accent pillows and the fabric ottoman/side table, and together they perfectly accent the cherry red sofa. The floral patterns are carried throughout this space, too. Look at the lamp shade! Look at the area rug! Even the vases on the wood coffee table have flowers in them.

Living room design is important in any home. Do you think there might be too much floral in this living room or is this interior put together just right?


Rustic-Modern Dining and Eames Style Chairs

Here’s another beautiful rustic-modern dining space for all of you.

A raw wood dining table is accented by the bright white Eames Style Molded Fiberglass Side Chairs and the Eames Style Molded Fiberglass Armchairs at the head and foot. Modern classics are always a good choice when mixing rustic and modern styles. They add a touch of modern sophistication to any rustic space without looking too mid-century. It’s a style that is sure to be around for a long time.

What do you think of this rustic-modern dining space?


Patterns in Mid-Century Living

Patterns, patterns, patterns! Is there such thing as too many patterns in one space?

This beautiful, neutral-color living space is filled with patterned upholstery on many of the chairs and pillows; and don’t forget the wall-to-wall animal print carpet. The gray and white tones on the furniture are accented with only the elegant wood legs on the mid-century style lounge chairs and coffee table. Are the patterns too much in this home or does it all go together just right? What do you think?


Play to Dine

I believe this could quite possibly be the coolest play room for a child. Not only that, but it could quickly be turned into a modern-industrial chic dining space by de-cluttering the table. Shelving units are a great way to keep areas clean and clutter-free in your home while they can spruce up many spaces with a bit of style, too. But enough about storage!

The bold red Panton Style S Chairs that are placed around the table are a great way to show creativity in any space. These chairs are beautiful modern classics that fit in anywhere you can imagine. With so many colors to choose from, the S Chairs are a necessity when it comes to adding style and flair to any space.

What do you think of the idea of a playroom / dining room? Does this style fit the space?


Shag + Modern Classics

When styling any modern space, you not only need to think about how each color complements one another, but also how the furniture itself will fit together.

If you look at this beautiful, modern living room, it’s open to the kitchen and dining areas. In this case, the designer created a space that naturally blends well, but is still clearly separated. A lot of thought was put into the furniture in this space as well. From the bright orange Nelson Coconut Chairs that act as additional conversation seating to the Bertoia Wire Counter Stools at the impeccable kitchen dining island, the designer obviously knew how to work modern classics into this space to make it perfect.

And the shag rug really completes the look, doesn’t it?


Unique & Colorful Mid-Century Storage

Normally, when it comes to storage, style is nowhere to be found. Style isn’t a word that you normally find associated with storage. Storage bins, storage compartments, under-bed storage – you don’t think of chic, elegant design. But look at this space! It has an ample amount of storage space and it has a ton of style!

A variety of unique storage compartments come together in this creative and colorful design to create a neat mid-century, retro-modern display and storage area. Great for storing personal items and displaying your home décor and accessories, this is the ultimate solution for stylish storage.

What do you think about this storage solution? Would you like to see this in your home?