Spring’s here?!

Unfortunately, no! But the extraordinarily warm weather today here in New Jersey has put me in a spring kind of mood. All I can think about are bright colors and warm weather. I know that the temperature is supposed to drop again very soon. Unfortunately that’s what happens during the winter in the northeast – I know, I know! However, maybe designing your home with bright, spring-like colors will keep a sense of spring alive during the autumn and winter seasons this year. Give it a shot! It’s worth a try, isn’t it?


Popular, Iconic Swan Chair

The Swan Chair has been around for decades and has ever since been increasing in popularity. Today, it seems like everywhere you look you see this iconic chair. Take a look at the various living rooms that the chair has been spotted in below.

The Swan Chair is no longer just a piece of furniture – it’s a beautiful conversation piece that fits into any home’s style and decor. Do you have a Swan?


Brighten Up with White and Yellow

Yellow seems to be the perfect accent color in this mid-century style living space. The color pops against the bright white armchair. Besides the yellow, the white brightens up the room just enough against the dark wood floors and furniture. Using bright colors against a dark backdrop is quite a classic style that is still very popular today, especially in luxury homes. Take some time to go through our Pinterest boards and you will see many photos that feature dark wood and light colors that accentuate the space.