Open up with Mirrors

Well those mirrors are gigantic! But aren’t they gorgeous? Floor mirrors are perfect for a variety of different spaces from the bedroom and living room to the kitchen and dining room. They look great anywhere and they can really open up a smaller space by giving a visual sense of openness. There are so many different styles of mirrors that it might be hard to choose just one, but that’s fine because, like I said, they’ll fit in anywhere. Set it up vertically or horizontally depending on the type of space you’re looking to create and you’re good to go! Take a look at the amazing rooms above and see just what I mean.


Elegant to Fun Wall Stickers

Wall stickers come in so many different styles, shapes and sizes. They offer one of the simplest solutions to decorating the home. From an elegant bedroom to a fun nursery, wall stickers are the perfect decor for those empty walls of yours. Just take a look and let us know what you think!


Cozy Retro Living

Christmas has come and gone, but mid-century modern style has not; I think it’s here to stay, as I’m pretty sure I’ve said multiple times. With pieces like the Saarinen Side Table and large, arcing floor lamps like the Trend Lighting Big Arc, I wouldn’t expect anything different. Both are beautiful, elegant pieces that will give any space that cozy, retro feel without going overboard. This space has it all and the mid-century elements are perfect without overdoing it. Plus, although this space has wood panel walls, it is barely even noticed with the large wall shelving for books and accessories. What do you think of this retro space?


Christmas is 2 Days Away??

It wasn’t so beautiful out today; you know – with the rain and all. However, the unseasonably warm weather has me a bit confused. Christmas is only two days away, am I correct? It doesn’t seem like it, but I’m pretty sure it is. I can’t image that two days from now we’ll have snow, but one can hope for a white Christmas, right? Waking up to snow on Christmas is like, well, like waking up to snow on Christmas! It’s perfect & puts you right in the holiday spirit. Are you ready for the holiday?


Gray & Distracting Pattern

Whoa, that’s a lot of gray! Isn’t it? This mid-century style living room boasts various pieces of gray furniture with natural wood accents that fit right into this retro space. It’s definitely a great space, but I feel that the wallpaper is rather distracting with its small repeating pattern. There are so many other beautiful parts of the décor in the room, yet I barely even noticed them. For instance, the pendant light hanging above the coffee table – it has a quite unique and natural design. Do you find that one color or pattern can be overwhelming in a smaller space like this?


Nature-Enthusiast Living

I think I may have just found one of the funkiest, yet coolest, living rooms on the planet! Obviously this space is perfect for nature enthusiasts, but I think everyone can appreciate the design and thought that went into designing such a unique and creative room. Sticks and twigs, stone and even moss come together in a living room? Who would’ve thought! Can you imagine having a room like this is your house?


Wallpaper in Modern Design

Wallpaper is one of those things in modern decor that can look really awesome or can go terribly wrong if not chosen wisely. If done correctly, with just the right colors, designs and furniture, it can turn a drab living room into a bright and inviting space where you’re happy to spend your time and possibly even entertain guests. With so many patterns offered in so many different colors, wallpaper is a simple solution to creating a fun space without taking the time to paint intricate details and shapes as if it were a mural.