Monthly Archives: January 2014

Take me to the 70s!

Unique lounges, patterned wallpaper and pure white accents; it doesn’t get any better than that, does it? If that’s what the 70s were like, take me to the 70s!


How retro can you get? Super-retro? Just looking at this living room makes me feel as if I’m right there in the 70s. Wood paneling on the walls, turquoise fabric upholstered sofas; all part of the fantastic 70s style. I’ve … Continue reading

Saarinen Dining

When it comes to dining room furniture, there’s one designer that always comes to mind; Eero Saarinen. So many of his modern classics have become even more popular over the past few years. You probably can’t watch TV or look … Continue reading

Creative Play Space

Inspire creativity. Sometimes that seems impossible to do with all of life’s busy daily tasks, but it’s important. It’s even more important to inspire creativity in your child’s life if you want them to grow. This child’s playroom is not … Continue reading

We Heart Modern Classics!

We love our modern classics! In these living areas you’ll find many incredible modern classics. How many can you spot in these living spaces? There are a bunch and they’re all so stylish and easy on the eyes. Can you … Continue reading

Stylish Living with Area Rugs

So maybe these rugs aren’t quite that modern, but the concept of multiple area rugs scattered around a large space seems to create such a unique look and feel. Traditionally, one large area rug would be placed in the center … Continue reading

An Interior that has it all

It’s impossible to miss this amazing sleek, chic living room. A gathering of transparent ornaments act as a curtain-like separation from this entertaining space to other parts of this home. The unique decoration is not only pretty and functional, but … Continue reading

Accentuate with a Butterfly

The Yanagi Bentwood Butterfly Stool always makes a great accent in any space. Place it in the corner of any room as a cool decorative piece or use it to its full potential as a foot stool – both will … Continue reading

Mid-Century & Traditional Styles Come Together

So what do you think about mixing two completely different styles together in one room? That’s exactly what was done in this dining room to achieve such an amazing looking interior. The traditional chandelier combines so perfectly with the retro … Continue reading

A Whole Lot of Black & White

With so many different colors available in furniture and decor today, I always wondered why one would choose to decorate their home with a black and white or neutral color scheme. However, after looking at a multitude of neutral, beautifully … Continue reading