Bring Nature Indoors

Okay, so I know it’s barely the middle of winter, but all I can think about is waterfalls. I love the beauty, the feel of the mist, and most of all the sound they make. Unfortunately during this time of the year, most waterfalls are either tricky to get to in the cold weather or some may even be frozen over.

After a while, it came to me; get an indoor waterfall! This one is gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s not quite like being out in nature with the natural sounds and beauty, but it sure would be the perfect addition to any indoor living room or foyer during the winter months. Even a small fountain will deliver that delightful sound of water trickling down to meet a bed of stones or a pool of shallow water.

What do you think of this indoor waterfall? Would you put one in your home? What about a small fountain?


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