Accent Mid-Century Living with Patterns

Orange you glad mid-century, retro modern style is in style these days? Ok, that was lame, but really, aren’t you glad mid-century style is in these days? The classic style is strongly centered on a broad range of furnishings from various designers, including Arne Jacobsen. Take for instance, this mid-century modern Egg Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen; It’s a fantastic piece that fits perfectly in any retro space. Speaking of retro spaces, there’s nothing that makes a space more colorful and even more mid-century than retro pattern wallpaper.


Personalize with Art

There’s nothing better than adding a classy piece of artwork to any space, especially when it’s a colorful painting like this one. Most certainly, any art on the walls will make a plain old interior feel like home. Whether you collect art from all over the world or browse through online collections until you find some pieces that you love, art is a great way to personalize any room.

Browse some beautiful wall art – I’m sure you’ll find something you love!


Mid-Century Medley

So we already know that wood paneling is in fact making a come back in interior design. We all love the mid-century modern style, so I’m happy to see this dining room does include some really great pieces of mid-century style furniture. The classic cream leather and wood dining chairs paired with the white wire chairs at the head of the table creates a unique area that is pleasant to dine in and entertain guests. What about the carpet though? I want to hear your thoughts on carpet in the dining room…


Bold Orange + White Wall

I bet you’ve never seen a wall quite like this one. Tones ranging from dark to bright orange and a little bit of beige, this space definitely doesn’t lack color. The white shelf placed directly in front of the orange pops like no other. This may be a little too bold for my taste, but would you have a space this colorful in your home?


With Love, Red.

Red, red, red, red, RED! It’s February – the month of love and all things red. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and in its honor we’re celebrating by sharing some red and pink interiors. Now here’s some proof that any room in the house can be red and beautiful.

Are you ready for Valentine’s day??


Ice & Snow Furniture

With all of this snow lately, I’m beginning to feel like this is what we’ll be offering next here at Inmod – furniture made from ice and snow.

I’m totally kidding, but aren’t these icy furniture pieces the most unique and creative thing you’ve ever seen? Designer and sculptor, Hongtao Zhou, hand-crafted these chairs and table out of the snow that fell on Lake Mendota in Wisconsin. His beautiful sculptures were built to connect people and nature and draw attention to the environment. Eventually, the ice and snow that was used to create these amazing pieces of furniture had to return to the large body of water and therefore conclude a clearly green life cycle.


Only at Inmod: The Bastille Collection

Inspired by the Tolix designs of Xavier Pauchard, the Bastille Collection features a variety of industrial-modern chairs, stools and even a dining table. The unique antiqued finishes and classic designs instantly catch the eye of Inmod shoppers. There are so many finishes to choose from; choose all one color or mix and match for a creative and unique dining experience. The post World War I look is quite popular and irresistible today with the demand rising for industrial styling in home interiors. Don’t forget though, this collection is not only great for use indoors, but also makes a statement outdoor on the patio, too.

Browse the Bastille Collection today and experience for yourself just how incredible these pieces of furniture really are!