Inmod’s Got a New Look!

That’s right! Inmod got a brand new look!

It’s finally spring, and with that, we’ve done some already done some spring cleaning. If you’ve been to the site recently, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve cleaned up the site and made it easier for you to find the furniture and things that you want and love. We made the dark background disappear and created a brighter storefront that allows you to easily navigate the site without becoming overwhelmed in the dark. Our navigation has been updated to accommodate our loyal customers based on their feedback. You told us that you wanted to browse by space and we listened. On top of those already major changes, we’ve also implemented a trending style center that allows you to browse our site by styles that are trending now, like #Scandinavian and #Industrial and use our special hashtags among social media to give us and others an idea of what furniture and styles you love. Browse these trending styles and you’ll find furniture, lighting and decor to make a truly stylish and complete home.

Visit now to see for yourself what we’ve done and don’t forget to let us know what you think about our new look. Happy Friday!


The Ultimate Small Bedroom

Have you been looking for ways to make the most out of your small bedroom? Well, stop – look not further!

This gorgeous bedroom is small, but it’s actually quite simple to get the most out of the space. The long, white modern desk spans almost the entire side wall, while the bed can be easily stored away in the storage unit. Once closed, more space can be used for any other activities that may need to be completed. A fold-away bed is the perfect solution in small spaces like this one, especially for a young adult or teen.

How you put together a small space? We’d love to hear about it!


Beach Home with Mid-Century Accents

I fell in love with this modern beach theme living room as soon as I laid eyes on it. The neutral sand colored walls complement this ocean blue space very well. Choosing colors for any interior can be tough especially when you’re going for a particular theme, like the beach. Blue, tan and white are naturally associated with the beach, but what about green? Well, there’s palm trees at the beach aren’t there? So the bright green egg chair is actually just perfect. Is there anything you would add to this beautiful beach theme living room?


Irish Luck, Modern Look

Get lucky this St. Patty’s Day! Browse through our beautiful collection of classy green and gold furniture to get the perfect modern look to complete your home. Find a list of products below to get this complete look:

1. Valor Mirror
2. Lights Up! Woody Table Lamp
3. Webbed Square Framed Art
4. TrueModern Dane Corner Sectional with Bumper
5. MOD Lounger
6. Grace Rectangular Mirror Cocktail Table

Or look through our complete Irish Luck, Modern Look collection and put together your own look!


New @ Inmod: Papay Designs!

I’d like to introduce you all to a brand new, unique line of mid-century style lighting by Papay Designs! The table, floor and pendant lamps offered by Papay Designs are unmatched by any other. The entropy resin and fiberglass construction creates a beautiful web-like shade design that encompasses the light inside. Each different light design is available in multiple colors that complement the mid-century color scheme.

Papay Designs provides beautiful lighting that is sure to get a conversation going. Browse the collection now!


Bold Colors and Zen Decor

It’s true that bold colors tend to dominate any interiors they’re placed it, however there can be quite a nice balance of design. When using bold colored furniture, like these vibrant red armchairs, it’s simple to forget about the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Take a step back and think about neutralizing the space. Paint the walls a neutral color or even use neutral paintings to break up the overwhelming boldness. If you have the space, add some bright lighting and greenery – it can really brighten up any interior. Plants, natural stones and lighting can easily bring a zen-like sense to any space, big or small. It’s an easy and inexpensive; it’s worth a try, isn’t it?


Tick Tock Window

Have you ever seen a window like this? Imagine living in a high rise apartment and looking out over the entire city through this gigantic clock window. The view is impeccable and the unique clock design is unmatched. This grande window doesn’t only provide a beautiful interior, but from the outside, this must leave passersby wondering just how classy this home is on the inside. Let them wonder – this space is great!


New from Zuo!

We’ve all been waiting so patiently, and we are so excited to finally introduce over 200+ new products from Zuo. Brand new occasional and dining tables, dining chairs and sofas, desks and even lighting have been added to our vast selection of Zuo furniture. So many new styles, from ultra-modern to mid-century to rustic-modern, Zuo has so much to offer. Check out the entire Zuo collection now!