Monthly Archives: April 2014

There’s something about that wallpaper!

There’s something about wallpaper that drives me crazy (in a good way, of course)! It might just be the unique patterns and bright colors that I always seem to see amongst wallpaper collections. For instance, take a look at this … Continue reading

Deck the Walls in Furniture

Welp, I think we learned something new today! Check this out – Hanging furniture on the walls is no longer just used to display furniture in a retail setting. Now it can also be used as beautiful wall decor. Who … Continue reading

Bring Greenery Inside for a Clean, Cozy Space

Greenery in the home is important. It not only cleanses the air (some species), it also adds another dimension to any room to make it feel more cozy. Large potted plants can really make a statement in any living space … Continue reading

#TBT: Inmod 2003

In honor of #throwbackthursday we’re showing you a glimpse of what Inmod looked like back in 2003 when it all began. Look how far we have come!


Kick up the color this season with trendy hues that will improve your home and infuse in you a new view as we head out of the damp and dark winter into the brighter days of spring bliss. Our selection … Continue reading

Happy #EarthDay!

It’s all about our Earth today! For those of you who may not know, #EarthDay is primarily about educating all of those around the world about keeping the Earth a beautiful and clean place for all of us to live, … Continue reading

Did You Know?

Did you know in Ancient Egypt they had color therapy rooms to help treat emotional and physical ailments? Today, you can also use color to create a certain sensation and evoke a particular feeling in a room. Let us know … Continue reading

An Elegant Pop of Pink

White furniture always looks classy in any living space, but modern white furniture looks even classier. The clean lines, the bright white upholstery and the chrome accents give this living room just the look it needs. Amongst the white sofa, … Continue reading

What’s New: Saloom

Say “Hello!” to Saloom! We recently added this beautiful high quality, hand-crafted line of furniture to Inmod, and we know you’re going to love and want every piece of furniture that they make once you see it. These modern pieces … Continue reading

Modern Planter for the Modern Gardener

Ok, maybe I’m a little excited for spring, but shouldn’t we all be excited at this point? This winter was long and cold with empty branches and the ground covered in snow, so I think I have the right to … Continue reading