There’s something about that wallpaper!

There’s something about wallpaper that drives me crazy (in a good way, of course)! It might just be the unique patterns and bright colors that I always seem to see amongst wallpaper collections. For instance, take a look at this sneak peek from our wild wallpaper collection. The vibrant, colorful patterns from Aimee Wilder and Ferm Living lend a classy look to any home and complement any style. Add as an accent wall in the living room or office, or create a fun environment for your kids in the bedroom or playroom – either way I know you’ll fall in love with wallpaper as much as I have.


Deck the Walls in Furniture

Welp, I think we learned something new today! Check this out – Hanging furniture on the walls is no longer just used to display furniture in a retail setting. Now it can also be used as beautiful wall decor. Who knew those metal folding chairs would look so good painted turquoise and hanging on the living room wall? And who knew those old chairs that you were going to toss away could be look great with a fresh coat of paint and hung up in the mud room to add some extra shelving? These are some truly fun ideas to add both stylish decor and even function to any room in your home. My favorite is the dining room with the extra chairs hung when not in use. What’s yours? Would you ever integrate a chair on the wall into your home decor? Comment below & let us know what you think about this new trend.


Bring Greenery Inside for a Clean, Cozy Space

Greenery in the home is important. It not only cleanses the air (some species), it also adds another dimension to any room to make it feel more cozy. Large potted plants can really make a statement in any living space when methodically placed. Placed next to a large sofa, as shown above, it can drastically change the feel of the space. If you’d like to try something a bit more subtle, try introducing a couple of smaller plants to your living room or bedroom. You don’t necessarily have to go big to make a statement. Either way, it’s spring – get your green on and brighten up that home!



Kick up the color this season with trendy hues that will improve your home and infuse in you a new view as we head out of the damp and dark winter into the brighter days of spring bliss. Our selection of radiant accent pieces and functional home furnishings in vivacious oranges, energetic yellows, luminous blues, majestic purples and bubbly pinks will give your home that chic design you’ve been waiting for. A fresh look never goes out of style – start this spring with a new, head-turning color palette!


Happy #EarthDay!

It’s all about our Earth today! For those of you who may not know, #EarthDay is primarily about educating all of those around the world about keeping the Earth a beautiful and clean place for all of us to live, breathe and enjoy. For many of us, we were taught all throughout school about keeping our environment clean and safe. Now we celebrate #EarthDay by spending time in nature and taking in all of the Earth’s beauty. If you have any time to spare today, take a walk outside, go for a hike, ride your bike through the woods or a beautiful park. It’s a gorgeous day, take advantage of it and celebrate this fantastic Earth that we call home.

Oh, and if you’ve been looking for some Eco-friendly furniture options, look no further – we’ve got you covered!


Did You Know?

Did you know in Ancient Egypt they had color therapy rooms to help treat emotional and physical ailments? Today, you can also use color to create a certain sensation and evoke a particular feeling in a room. Let us know the color and we’ll give you an answer!


An Elegant Pop of Pink

White furniture always looks classy in any living space, but modern white furniture looks even classier. The clean lines, the bright white upholstery and the chrome accents give this living room just the look it needs. Amongst the white sofa, accent chair and coffee table sits a sleek, bright pink lounge chair that accents this space so well. Pink can be overdone in any space, but this is just the right amount, adding quite an elegant pop of pink.


What’s New: Saloom

Say “Hello!” to Saloom! We recently added this beautiful high quality, hand-crafted line of furniture to Inmod, and we know you’re going to love and want every piece of furniture that they make once you see it. These modern pieces were designed by New England artisans, Linda and Peter Saloom, to bring bold style that also fits your everyday needs. Made in the USA from high quality materials, you know that any buffet, dining table, chair or stool that you purchase will be exactly what you expect upon delivery – a solid, long-lasting, stylish piece of furniture.

Find all the style you could ever want when you check out the new modern line of furniture from Saloom today!


Modern Planter for the Modern Gardener

Ok, maybe I’m a little excited for spring, but shouldn’t we all be excited at this point? This winter was long and cold with empty branches and the ground covered in snow, so I think I have the right to be excited for the spring. Finally warm weather and flowers!

Speaking of flowers, I can’t wait to start gardening and growing some flowers and herbs. Now, I really don’t have the room for a full garden, but the Wallter Wall Planter is the perfect solution to this problem. The sleek, modern design allows you to get your gardening fix in with style while also utilizing only the a small necessary space. It doesn’t even take up precious floor space – hang it on the wall and you’re ready to start gardening!