Monthly Archives: June 2014

Mid-Century Exteriors You’ll Love

Mid-century style homes are not only classics, they’re also an increasingly popular trend today in home buying. More and more shoppers are looking for those 1950s style homes all across the country. They’re looking for the classic mid-century modern exterior; … Continue reading

Blended Styles Inside and Out

Contemporary with a touch of traditional inside; yet when you take just a few steps outside, you feel as if you’ve walked out to a tropical resort with the woven wicker outdoor furniture. These two spaces come together so beautifully … Continue reading

Pastels and Bold Colors in Modern Dining

We don’t normally see too much color in the kitchen or dining room, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a dab or two of color to spice up your dining experience. Many times, we see dining rooms consist of … Continue reading

See it in Action: Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair

I bet you’ve seen the Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair – haven’t you? I’m sure you’ve pondered what it would look like in your space; Would it fit right in with your existing interior decor or would it be a … Continue reading

Rustic? Industrial? Modern? How About All Three?

When it comes to modern interior design, the style isn’t so straight-forward anymore. Many times, blending two or three different styles together can create a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. When you think about rustic style, you may tend to think … Continue reading

Take a Risk with Color

Of all the colors of the spectrum, purple never struck me as a color I’d paint my dining room. I also never thought I’d see horizontal stripes surrounding any dining space. But this modern dining room has me swooning and … Continue reading

Cozy Up in Rustic-Modern Style

Rustic-modern style isn’t just about old pieces of furniture made out of reclaimed wood and metal. No – it’s about finding the right mix of natural and man-made materials to create a chic little space that you can’t wait to … Continue reading

Stark Contrast Bachelor Pads

Bachelor pads aren’t all made the same and it’s pretty likely that one will not be suitable for another – it’s all about personalizing to fit you. On another note, just because you’re a bachelor, doesn’t mean you have to … Continue reading

Design Tips: Shelf Styling

Do you have shelving units that you just don’t know what to do with or how to style them to make an impact on your interior design? We can help! First, gather up your favorite books that you’ve collected over … Continue reading

Cozy & Traditional Yet Uniquely Modern

When it comes to mixing modern and traditional, it isn’t as hard as some may think. Take this classy living room, for instance – a traditional armchair paired with a low, espresso finished media unit and a spattering of different … Continue reading