Design Tips: Shelf Styling

Do you have shelving units that you just don’t know what to do with or how to style them to make an impact on your interior design? We can help!

First, gather up your favorite books that you’ve collected over the years – the more, the better. Next, find a couple of home accessory pieces that you find intriguing, meaningful or that you think would just add a little pizazz to your living space. Now it’s time for the fun part… the styling!

Break up your book collection into smaller piles of about 5-8 books depending on the sizes of the books. Place one pile flat on its back, stand another up against that pile and continue until you feel you have enough space covered. Make sure you haven’t overdone it with the books because you’re going to need some space for those little accents that you’ve picked out. Place that classy decorative bowl that you’ve picked out on top of one of the book piles, while you place that bud vase next to another. Use decorative book ends to dress up the shelves even more.

Don’t want to use books as the main pieces? Don’t worry – just gather up a bunch of your favorite decorative accents and place them one by one on each of the shelves you’re looking to decorate. Just remember, in this case, you want to pick pieces that will take up just the right amount of space on each shelf. Take a look at the industrial shelving unit below to get an idea of the proper placement.


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