Rustic? Industrial? Modern? How About All Three?

When it comes to modern interior design, the style isn’t so straight-forward anymore. Many times, blending two or three different styles together can create a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. When you think about rustic style, you may tend to think about tables and chairs made of natural materials like reclaimed or distressed wood in a log cabin or in a farmhouse. On the other hand, when you look at industrial furniture design, you mainly see pieces constructed using galvanized steel or wrought iron in a warehouse style setting or an urban loft with exposed brick. Modern design, in my mind, consists of sleek, clean lines and various shades of black and white in the color scheme.

Here we have found a gorgeous mix of rustic, industrial and modern styles coming together to create a stunning kitchen interior. Industrial style, Bastille Counter Stools sit tall at the island counter to provide excellent dining space for the impromptu midnight snack while the wooden counter tops add a slightly rustic look. Beyond the industrial and rustic design, the clean white and black gives the space that classic modern feel that blows you away when you walk into the room.

Do you love this rustic-industrial-modern kitchen? How would you combine three different design styles to make your perfect space?


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