All That Glitters…

All That Glitters…

Shakespeare was onto something when he said, “All that glisters, is not gold”. Over time, this phrase became “All that glitters, is not gold” – while they mean one in the same, the latter is used more frequently. When we think of glitter, we think of glamour, decadence, flash and the sheen of something glossy and new. Shakespeare insinuated that we should not be hypnotized by the glitter of people and things, because there is always more that meets the eye. We could not agree more. All that glitters at Inmod is not only gold, but also, silver, copper and brass! We have a variety of beautiful metallic pieces, from coffee tables and dining chairs – to wall art for the less daring. All of these items boast more than meets the eye! Metallics are always a nice addition to the home, small or large, they are definitely the main event in a room! So whether you are adding a sparkle to your sitting room, or dazzle to your dining area, we have got just the fix for you! Check out featured products below!

Clockwise from the top:

Cardinal Plate, Muni Muni Mirror, Gold Flower Wall Decor, Gaultier Oval Coffee Table, Marah Accent Chair, Metallic Dots Lumbar Pillow, Sadie Pendant

Middle Center:

Aristocrat Armchair in Silver, Antique Cuadritos Wall Art


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