Extending the branch

Extending the branch

Remember how much admiration you had for that old, beautiful umbrella tree in your neighborhood? I know I do. We used to love sitting beneath the shade of the ancient oak tree to cool us off in the heat of the summer. I used love to admire the unique patterns of the bark and would just be in awe of the beauty of this magnificent piece of earth, so old yet remarkable. Bring back the nostalgia of yesteryear with a piece of hand crafted Suarina Wood (shown in table above). Brought to us by International Contemporary Design, these tables, benches and consoles boast a unique pattern – no two pieces are alike. The wood is harvested from the massive Suar Tree, which are planted singularly to provide shade, as they have gorgeous umbrellas. They are unique as the wood from the tree has natural fissures, holes and cracks which add to the aesthetic of the pieces once they are turned into these works of art. While some might appreciate the subdued look of some of these pieces, some prefer a sleeker, cleaner look. We love them all – and we know you will too! And so, Inmod would like to extend a branch to you – grab on here!


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