3 Apps That Will Revolutionize Your Home

3 Apps That Will Revolutionize Your Home

Even though everyone loves apps, many of us dread changing our home’s décor. We love simplicity, but we hate stagnating in the same style. This conundrum was solved with the introduction of a new wave of apps that are artfully infused with priceless decorating insights.

We know that balancing work, relationships & health is no easy task. By the time the day is done, you have done so much that you are teetering at your wits end. So where will you find the time to come up with a new home design?

Luckily, thanks to apps you aren’t in this fight alone. Now you don’t have to rely on yourself to make something brilliant. Let your smartphone help you pick up the torch & take your home to the next level!

App #1: Mark on Call – This brilliant app allows you to experiment with floor plans & remodeling. You can take pictures of fabrics, rugs, finishes & flooring to skin them onto virtual services. This lets you preview exactly how your home will look without the guidance of a professional designer. Quit guessing & see what fits your home’s style!

App #2: Color Capture – The first step of redecorating is changing up your colors. When painting picking the right color can be a challenge. Thanks to Benjamin Moore’s awesome app those days of uncertainty are behind us. Just take a picture of the color you want & it will give you the paint shade/purchase code.

App #3: LikeThat Decor – Furniture shopping just got easier with this brilliant app. When you spot an item you fancy, just snap a picture of it. From there the app will instantly match you with similar pieces that are ready to buy. Take the guesswork out of shopping!


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