Epic Shipping Container Home Designs

Epic Shipping Container Home Designs

These days a stunning home can be made out of anything, & shipping containers are the perfect addition. In such complicated times, simplicity is something to be celebrated. If you are searching for something unique that will stand the tests of time, look no further than shipping containers. Surprisingly they are a cost effective way to create a striking modern house.

The wild versatility of shipping containers is making them a common ingredient in new age home design. As the stigma continues to fade away, more people are starting to hop onboard this groundbreaking trend. With the right imagination there are countless designs that you can create with shipping containers. For this reason we have compiled our favorite examples of creative homes that are built with shipping containers. Prepare to be inspired by these innovative designs!

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Studio H:T’s Masterpiece – This stunning design makes it hard to believe that it’s made out of two shipping containers. In this model the bedrooms are in the containers while the entry, dining & lounge areas are in the center area. The home is powered by solar panels & utilizes photovoltaics to create its own electricity.

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Lot-EK’s Traveling Transformer – This brilliant design is ready to journey across the globe. Its sub-volumes can be pushed in to return to its original shape. This makes it the perfect candidate to be shipped worldwide. Once you reach your destination, all you have to do is expand the sub-volumes & you have a 500 sq ft home!

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Adam Kalkin Container House – This modern marvel was created by stacking 6 containers in the middle of Califon’s forest. Since it’s two containers tall & 3 containers wide there’s ample room to accommodate an entire family. Its glass sides allow guests to soak up the breathtaking view of New Jersey’s wilderness.


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