Free Up Your Home by Getting Rid of These 7 Items

Free Up Your Home by Getting Rid of These 7 Items

There’s nothing more refreshing than organizing your home. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have a fresh start. Odds are, if you look around your house there are plenty of items that are collecting dust. These abandoned items do more than just taking up space, they demoralize you on future cleaning projects. Throw in the fact that they are an eye sore & it’s officially time for them to go.

However, getting rid of useless items that are cluttering up your house is easier said than done. Many times we hang on to things that we should have gotten rid of years ago. While you may not be a full blown hoarder, we are all guilty of hanging on to these items. For this reason we have come up with a list of things that you should throw out without thinking twice. This eye opening article will help make it easier for you to say goodbye to what’s dragging your home down. This summer, your new motto is clean up & move on!


7 Items That Have to Go This Summer

  1. Old Clothes – Sometimes it’s hard to part ways with frazzled clothing that you made memories in. Don’t get stuck in the past, anything that you aren’t routinely wearing should be traded in or given to charity!
  2. Excessive Paper & Plastic Bags – No matter how hard you try, these always add up. Don’t forget to recycle when you can!
  3. Broken Items That You Wanted to Fix – No one’s fooled, you aren’t MacGyver. If it’s been over a month, you don’t have the free time for this project. Do yourself a favor & get rid of them.
  4. Take-out Menus – Even though holding a menu in your hand brings nostalgia, they are all online. Ditch them & pick up your smartphone the next time you’re craving take-out!
  5. Accessories You Haven’t Warn in a Year – Styles come & go. Don’t hold yourself back with passé fashion gear. Instead of feeding the moths they can serve a higher purpose when you trade them in!
  6. Chipped Dishes & Mugs – Having broken items is a subconscious energy drain. Get rid of them if your budget allows!
  7. DVD’s That Have Been Abandoned – If a DVD is sitting on your shelf for over a year, it’s time to get rid of it. Trade them in for cash & celebrate your clean home with a bottle of champagne!

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