Common Household Items That Make Epic Decorations

Common Household Items That Make Epic Decorations

Despite what many companies would want you to believe, creative wall art doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, odds are you already have items that would look amazing adorning your home. When your budget is nonexistent, it’s time to get creative. There are countless things that most people already own that make epic decorations. It’s just a question of looking at things from a different angle. Through the right eyes a rug can become a wall tapestry & ceramic plates can migrate from your cupboards onto your walls. It’s just a question of using your imagination.

We know that balancing work, fitness & family can be a daunting task. After juggling everything life has to throw at you, it can be hard to tap into your inner artist. That’s why we have come up with an innovative list of common household items that need to grace your walls. Prepare to get inspired with this amazingly simple list!

Best Items to Add to Your Walls

Idea #1: Use Your Thinking Cap – It should be a crime to let any wide brim hat collect dust in your closet. As long as you choose ones with cohesive palettes they are going to make a killer decoration. So start overlapping the hats that were unjustly abandoned!

Idea #2: Serve Up Some Style – Never let your serving trays go unnoticed. A quick run through of your kitchen cabinet should provide plenty of material to spice up your home.

Item #3: Map Out Your Future – Add a touch of history to your walls with some old school maps! You can have them framed or just tack them straight to the wall. The more rustic the better, with the right style you can make your guests feel like they are at sea!


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