Keep Your Kitchen Clean With These 3 Rules

Keep Your Kitchen Clean With These 3 Rules

When it comes to keeping your kitchen in pristine condition, having a strict set of rules makes all the difference. Unfortunately, the kitchen attracts the brunt of the clutter in every home. That’s because it’s the heart & soul of every household. Most families start & end every day in the kitchen. This constant traffic makes your kitchen the front lines in the war against clutter. It may seem like a daunting task, but a sparkling clean kitchen is well within your reach.

There’s no order without sacrifice, but using a few key tips will help make your kitchen shine. We have compiled a list of 3 rules that will do wonders for your kitchen. If you follow these guidelines you will see that a clean kitchen is easier to attain than you ever imagined. So prepare to discover the three commandments for a clean kitchen!

3 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Shine

Tip #1: Clear the Sink Everyday – The nucleus of every kitchen is the sink, & it’s also the root of almost every mess. Things have a tendency of piling up here, so this is ground zero. It may seem crazy, but this is easy to manage. If you make a habit of washing everything that invades your sink, the rest of the kitchen will be a breeze. Pick a time that works for you & dedicate that window to cleaning anything in your sink.

Tip #2: Never Place Anything Next to the Trash – There are two types of items; things you want & things that need to go. Never compromise this rule by placing boxes or anything you may save next to the trash can. Start by tearing down any boxes & removing unwanted junk from your home.

Tip #3: Countertops Are Sacred – Counter tops are notorious for attracting unnecessary clutter. They routinely get smothered by used drinking glasses, mail & even pet supplies. Solve this dilemma by never letting anything stagnate on the counter. Dirty dishes go in the sink, mail goes into a basket & pet supplies go in a tray.


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