3 Ways to Reclaim Your Privacy

3 Ways to Reclaim Your Privacy

Even though small space living is financially advantageous, it does have its down side. More often than not the first thing that gets sacrificed is your privacy. From permanent shared rooms to long staying guests, you will be faced with many opportunities to regret living in a small home.

Fortunately, there is hope for everyone who wants to regain their personal space. Instead of spending more money on a bigger place, you can invest in a few strategic changes to make what you have seem bigger. We have compiled an eye opening list of ways that you can win back your privacy. So quit looking for a new home & discover new ways to make your current situation more enjoyable!

Give Yourself Privacy With These 3 Tricks

Space Hack #1: Half-Walls – You don’t have to re-invent the wheel to feel comfortable. Half-walls are the classic way to split up a shared room because they get the job done. Installing a half-wall with interior windows is the perfect way to give yourself an extra boost of privacy without completely splitting the room in half.

Space Hack #2: Furniture – While this may seem like a no brainer, strategically placing furniture can do wonders for any room. It acts like a natural barrier & can also help you better utilize the space you have. Make your wardrobe work for you!

Space Hack #3: Hanging Plants – Not all intrusions come from within. If you want to keep your windows safe from the prying eyes of neighbors, this trick is for you. Hanging plants from your windows allows you to let the sunlight in without broadcasting your life.


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