Find Out If You Can Really Afford a Pet

Find Out If You Can Really Afford a Pet

Everyone loves pets, but not everyone can really afford one. There are a lot of responsibilities with having a pet. In many ways it’s like having a child. On top of giving it plenty of attention, you also need to be prepared to care for its primal needs.

Too many times people spontaneously buy cute puppies when they don’t have enough space to really care for it. Soon enough the puppy turns into a large dog who is dying to go out & play. If you keep your animals cooped up in a room with no escape you are creating a recipe for disaster. Pets need space, & if you don’t have it you need to take them outside to find it.

Depending on where you live, accommodating a furry companion could cost more than you imagine. We know that there’s no price for quality companionship. But like everything, you need to educate yourself before you make a move. For this reason we have come up with a list of costs that you need to consider before purchasing your next sidekick!

3 Hidden Costs of Having a Pet

Expense #1: Landlords – If you are renting, you are at the mercy of your landlord when it comes to pets. They know that pets scratch, pee & poop. So be prepared to receive some extra fees or security deposits for each pet. Some landlords go as far as not allowing pets at all, so check with them or prepare to move before you buy one.

Expense #2: Food – Why this may seem extremely obvious, pet food isn’t as cut & dry as you think. Over time you may find that your pet has dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating generic pet food. This will force you to buy more expensive brands, & pets eat everyday.

Expense #3: Training – While the first only applies to dogs, it’s important enough to make this list. You don’t have to hire the Dog Whisperer, but you do have to be taught how to keep your pets under control. Even if you opt for learning from YouTube videos, it will still take a substantial amount of time & dedication to train your dog.


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