3 Items Every Bathroom Needs

3 Items Every Bathroom Needs

For many of us, a cramped bathroom can wreak havoc on your daily routine. Now that soaring rent prices are forcing us to take on smaller living spaces, more people understand the struggle. Like it or not, the bathroom is the launching pad for any productive day. Here we brush our teeth, take showers & put on our makeup before taking on the day. While the implications of a small bathroom can stress out even the most passive optimist, there are ways to work around it.

Fortunately, creating space in your bathroom is easier than you think. All you have to do is explore your options before you throw in the towel. We compiled a list of must have items that will free up your bathroom. Start enjoying your morning prep time with these shockingly simple additions!

3 Things Every Small Bathroom Needs

Item #1: Cabinet Door Hair Dryer Holder – As a woman you understand that nothing is more nerve racking than having to dig around for your hair dryer. Over time cabinets become so cluttered with different necessities that it looks like a gadget jungle. For this reason we need a holster for our weapon of choice against wet hair. Using over the cabinet door holders lets you keep your hair dryer in easy reach. Don’t be stuck without one!

Item #2: Multiple Towel Racks – Once you have a family, juggling everyone’s towels can become a nightmare. Save yourself the arguments by equipping your bathroom with a variety of towel racks. With this accessory you can let your imagination run wild. There countless models that range from over door towel racks to artsy multiple towel holders. It doesn’t matter what design you pick, as long as everyone can hang their towels in peace you chose correctly!

Item #3: Shower Baskets – While lining the tub with shampoos & conditioners seems simple, it causes a bigger headache in the long run. Your children & pets will have a hay day knocking things around, so stop the problem before it starts. Shower baskets are an easy way to condense all your shower accessories in one place. This simple addition will save you loads of cleaning time!


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