Start Cleaning With These 3 Mind Tricks

Start Cleaning With These 3 Mind Tricks

Tackling a big cleaning project is far from easy, but the first place to start is in your mind. Hands down the worst part is getting started, so if you can get past that you are on your way. It all boils down to will power, once you start a job it will eventually get done. However, with such busy schedules it’s easy to get drained. That’s where a different perspective can jumpstart your motivation.

There are many ways to trick your mind into being ready to take on the world. It starts with a few simple steps, & once you adopt a new mindset there’s no turning back. For this reason we have compiled a list of game changing perspectives to get you started on your next project. Get ready to get motivated!

3 Tricks to Tackle Big Cleaning Projects

Trick #1: One Sponge Worth – If you have a mound of dishes to wash, tell yourself that you will wash one sponge worth. After the soap wears off the sponge, you can call it quits. However, what normally happens is you will end up getting everything washed. Once you start making progress, the task looks more appealing than quitting.

Trick #2: 10 Minute Timer – Most of us take 10 minutes to unwind after getting home from work. If you jump right into cleaning with a timer set for 10 minutes, you will get the start you desperately need. Once the timer goes off, you will be knee deep in cleaning. Odds are you will keep going!

Trick #3: Free For All – This maverick approach gets the job done. Basically you fix, clean or stow away the first ten things that catch your eye. Before you know it, 10 turns into 20 & then you have everything in order!


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