Closet Cleaning 101

Closet Cleaning 101

It’s easy for closets to get out of control, & cleaning them can be a daunting task. There are countless articles of clothing that you don’t use. Unfortunately, getting rid of these abandoned clothes is easier said than done. It’s surprisingly hard to toss out clothes that have sentimental value. Even if they look terrible, sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. However, once your closet is overflowing it’s time to take drastic action. We have come up with a list of ways to clean out your closet with a clean conscience. Get ready to get motivated, tackling closet cleaning is easier than you think!

3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Closet

Method #1: Do Your Research – Most of us have more clothes than we need. To make the right decisions you need to do your homework before throwing something out. Analyze what types of clothes you actually use by flipping the hangers to all point one way. Once you use something, flip the hanger the opposite direction. After three months, get rid off any clothes that you haven’t used. They won’t be missed.

Method #2: Box & Store – Sometimes being forced to give things away can give us cold feet. This clouds our judgment & causes useless items to be stored. Take the stress out of the decision by storing anything you don’t like in boxes. Store it in your room for 3 months, if you aren’t tempted to retrieve anything from the box get rid of it.

Method #3: Get Rid of Bland Clothing – If there’s something collecting dust in your closet, odds are it needs to go. Try out anything you aren’t crazy about for a day. If you don’t feel inspired while wearing it, ditch it with no hesitation. You will be amazed at how many clothes wont pass this test!


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