Reversible Changes Every Rental Bathroom Needs

Reversible Changes Every Rental Bathroom Needs

Most people aren’t thrilled with their rental bathroom, so finding reversible ways to refresh it becomes essential. No one wants to be stuck with mundane décor, so this urge to spice things up is completely understandable. Nothing puts a damper on a beautiful day like bland decorations, making it something to avoid at all costs. Out of all the places in a rental home or apartment, the bathroom is usually the worst offender. These are notoriously unappealing, so most renters scramble to find options. This means finding reversible ways to liven things up, since nothing can be permanent in a rental.

Even though our backs are up against the wall, there’s still plenty of options for renters. With so many options at your disposal, there’s no excuse to settle for a boring bathroom. Despite having all the choices in world, most people remain oblivious. For this reason, we have compiled a list of reversible ways to revolutionize your bathroom. They can do wonders for any bathroom, so take advantage of them!

Reversible Ways to Save a Rental Bathroom

Trick #1: Liven Up Your Walls with Decals – Adding a cool design doesn’t have to be permanent, especially with stick on wall decals. These give you the option to customize your décor with a slew of different designs. They peel right off, so they won’t cause any issues with your landlord. There a million designs to choose from, so pick the one that showcases your creativity!

Trick #2: Add Stylish Amenities – If there’s enough room, fitting in a side table can do wonders. Even if there’s no space, throw in one of our Modern Lamps on top of the counter to give your bathroom an unforgettable flair. Baskets under the counter also provide delightful storage options. There are plenty of ways to spice things up, so get creative!

Trick #3: Change Out the Shower Curtain – This is the focal point of any bathroom, so this is normally the first place to start. A bland curtain can be disastrous, so switching it out with something vibrant can liven up even the worst design. Pick something that provides a beautiful contrast, & prepare to be shocked at what a big difference it makes!


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