Optimize Your Entryway With These Additions

Optimize Your Entryway With These Additions

The first thing people see when entering your home is the entryway, so make it count. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity, since it’s bursting at the seams with potential. There’s a slew of options at your disposal, but not everything will match your entryway. This conundrum becomes painfully obvious when implemented without the proper planning. By missing ideal combinations, you open up doors to a host of problems.

Being able to fit something stylish into a small space isn’t just impressive, it’s hard to pull off. Entryways are the prime example of this, since they are the hardest area to cater to. For this reason, picking the right additions is essential. To help out bewildered home owners, we compiled a list of epic entryway additions. They can revive almost any space, so put them to work in your entryway!

Best Additions for a Plain Entryway

Entryway Addition #1: Shelves – Even though space is tight, there’s always enough room for a shelf. This will provide storage space, which is a godsend since there’s usually none in entryways. On top of providing much-needed real estate, this becomes the perfect place to perch items that liven up the design. It also helps reclaim space that’s eaten up by a radiator. A slew of different woods can be used, each providing a different style. Let your imagination run wild & pick what suits your décor!

Entryway Addition #2: Lighting – Throwing in some creative lighting is key, since it illuminates your entryway. From standing lamps to ones that simply perch on a shelf, you can’t go wrong. Pick from a slew of stylish options with our wide selection of Mid-Century Lighting. There’s always a creative way to switch up your home’s lighting, so don’t hold back!

Entryway Addition #3: Small Plants – No matter what part of the house you are adding to, this will always be a valid recommendation. Adding a bit of green doesn’t just liven up your entryway, it creates a soothing welcome to new guests. Just don’t go wild with the size, since there still needs to be ample room to pass by. Throwing in a few potted plants will do wonders, so experiment with which strains showcase your personality best!


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