Leftover Tile Projects That Make Excess Worth It

Leftover Tile Projects That Make Excess Worth It

Sooner or later, every home owner is flooded with extra tiles. These are usually the product of a bathroom makeover that went better than planned. When calculating how many tiles are necessary, it’s easy to go overboard. Most people freak out when they realize that they purchased more tiles more than they need. If there wasn’t options this reaction would be warranted, but it’s far from the truth.

What most people don’t know is there are a slew of creative options to use your leftover tiles. They are the ultimate wildcard to any décor, so don’t miss this opportunity. Even though there are countless ways to use them, a few methods stand out. Their versatility & ease to complete make them ideal for any home owner. To help those who are struggling, we decided to write this article. Prepare to be blown away by the epic options that are at everyone’s disposal.

Best Ways to Use Leftover Tiles

Tile Project #1: Serving Tray – Depending on how many tile types you have, you can create custom serving trays. No matter how many styles you have, the first step is the same. Simply cut the tiles down to the dimension you desire. If there are two styles, try gluing them together to make a completely unique style. Even if there’s only one style, it still makes a gorgeous serving tray. These can be used on any surface, so start snacking in style!

Tile Project #2: Table Top – This is for those who made some severe miscalculations, since it takes many tiles to complete. If you did, don’t feel bad. This is hands down the most unique way of using leftover tiles. Measure your table & glue together as many tiles as needed to cover the entire surface. Once installed, your table will have a whole new look, as well as extra protection.

The best part of this project is that it’s removable. This allows you to switch up your décor, displaying a different side of your table. Make sure you have one of our Modern Dining Tables underneath to show off!

Tile Project #3: Coasters – This is similar to the first option, but you can go wild with this design. Since coasters are smaller, you can cut them however you like. From stars to hexagons, no design is too wild for your table! Get creative & surprise yourself with what you come up with.


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