Sacrifices That Make Small Space Living Manageable

Sacrifices That Make Small Space Living Manageable

Small space living can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s a transition that’s filled with sacrifices. From moving into your first solo studio to adapting to budget cuts, almost everyone experiences some form of living small. Even though it can be daunting at first, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Every now and then, it’s always good to get down to the basics. Far too often we cling on to things that aren’t just consuming space, they’re draining the vibrancy of our décor.

Adapting to small space living isn’t just invigorating, it’s absolutely necessary. It’s a simple way to maintain a healthy relationship with your possessions. Cutting back is always painful, but it ends up freeing space for better things. There’s always sacrifices to any evolution, so we decided to compile the most important ones. These adjustments will pave the way for optimized small space living, so prepare to discover what items need to go!

Unavoidable Sacrifices for Small Space Living

Sacrifice #1: Low End Kitchenware – When moving into a new place, the first place to make cuts is in the kitchen. Apart from the bathroom, this is ground zero for germ retention. For this reason, any kitchenware that’s plastic needs to go. During its tenure in your kitchen its porous surface has accumulated ungodly amounts of unwanted bits of food. Not to mention plastic is filled with carcinogens, so it has officially worn out its welcome in your kitchen. These items are usually cheap, so there’s no excuse to cling on to something that can potentially make you sick!

Sacrifice #2: Old Furniture – Anything that has lost its charm shouldn’t be kept, especially when moving into a smaller space. This includes items that can’t be easily repainted or covered without being an eyesore. Many times, holding on to these pieces will cost you money. Instead of paying for the U-Haul and movers, get a new Modern Loveseat. The cost will even out, plus this option provides a stunning new piece of furniture!

Sacrifice #3: Abandoned Electronics – This genre has a funny way of accumulating after long stays in the same place. Technology comes and goes, so don’t hinder this unavoidable transition. Anything that can be downloaded or streamed through your phone needs to go. This includes DVD’s, CD’s and outdated electronics. There’s no need to stay in the past, embrace the advantages of new technology!


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