Creative Ways to Make Litter Boxes Blend In

Creative Ways to Make Litter Boxes Blend In

Even though cats are the easiest pets to cater to, their litter boxes can disrupt your décor. It’s a more than a turn off, it’s a hygiene issue. No one wants to be greeted with a box filled with feces, so do your visitors a favor. Having pets poop in your home can be manageable, as long as you provide the right tools. Fortunately cats are easy to train, since they prefer to stick to one spot. As long as the owner provides a discreet place, everyone wins when the feline adopts the new habit.

Helping your cat transition into a new litter box is easy, but picking the right place to install it isn’t. There are plenty of options at your disposal, so it all boils down to picking what works for your decor. From desks to tables, there are countless ways to hide a litter box. To save our readers the headache, we rounded up the best ideas online. Prepare to embark on your cat’s favorite DIY project after reading this list!

Stylish Techniques to Hide Litter Boxes

Technique #1: Use What’s Available – No matter how small the home, there’s always something that can house a litter box. From cabinets to drawers, anything can be an asset. Just install a cat door into the material, which lets your feline enter when it pleases. From there throw in the litter box and start training. Cats adapt quickly, so before you know it this problem will solve itself!

Technique #2: Convert Furniture – There’s still hope if your cabinets are occupied. All that’s needed is a desk or nightstand to create your cat’s next bathroom. The advantage to this option is being able to create a stylish option that compliments your décor. Pick through our Modern Chests to find the perfect piece for your home!

Technique #3: Get Creative – If converting a piece of furniture sounds too simple, there’s plenty ways to go the extra mile. Planters and large potted plants can also be transformed into hidden litter boxes. They offer surprising alternatives that will blow your visitors away. These are truly unique projects, since they allow you to showcase your creativity!


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