Transform Your Child’s Closet With These Ideas

Transform Your Child’s Closet With These Ideas

Out of all the places in the home, none can undergo more transformations than a kid’s closet. The good thing about children’s clothes is they are tiny, so accommodating them is always easy. Just filling up a decent size dresser gets rid of any lingering items, which creates a new opportunity. An empty closet can be transformed into a number of useful tools. This paves the way for a slew of options that can cater to any kid’s needs.

Now that there’s a new opportunity, it’s up to us to take advantage of it. From hidden nooks to study stations, a kid’s closet can become whatever you want it to be. There are almost as many options as individual preferences, so it’s essential to search for inspiration. Being inundated with this many options can be overwhelming, so we decided to do our readers a favor. We compiled a list of epic transformations for children’s closets. They are relatively easy to pull off, so don’t let that closet go to waste!

Must See Kids Closet Transformations

Transformation #1: Nap Corner – Kids are already hyper-active enough, so make sure they get enough rest. Naps are essential, but there are only a few ways to do it right. Most rooms get flooded with light, so getting a midday nap can be distracting. For this reason, creating a special space in the closet goes a long way. A nap nook can be made by installing a bed and a curtain, so there’s no excuse not to try it. Your child will thank you, since it’s a lot easier to sleep in the dark!

Transformation #2: Small Office – Treating your child’s inner entrepreneur is as simple as providing some study space. While sitting at a desk is boring, installing brightly colored furniture in the closet can make it appealing. Having the right décor makes all the difference, since it jumpstarts the studying process. Choose between our large selection of Children’s Furniture to pick the perfect addition!

Transformation #3: Create a Loft – It’s no secret that children are intrigued by lofts. There’s something about having a ladder connect bunk beds that drives them wild. Create the perfect little nook with two levels. Your child might prefer resting there more than their own bed!


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