Discover 3 Places You Need to Clean Now

Discover 3 Places You Need to Clean Now

With so many places to organize, it’s easy to overlook key spots during routine cleanups. From appliances to furniture, plenty of places get forgotten by most cleaners. Most of us are running against the clock, so it’s understandable that we can’t clean everywhere. The majority of people just hit topical areas, which isn’t a bad place to start. Unfortunately, most people call it quits before they reach the real root of their home’s grunginess. These places don’t need to be cleaned as often, but many people don’t clean them at all.

Even though what fails to meet the eye can be missed a few times, they eventually need to be confronted. These spots often become havens for germs, so they shouldn’t be neglected for long. We know everyone is in a hurry, but there’s still no excuse to stay unaware. With a little research, the places that most people miss become obvious. For this reason, we have compiled a list of three places that need to be cleaned. They are far from obvious, so don’t miss them on your next cleaning project!

Surprising Places That Need Some Cleaning

Where to Clean #1: Under the Rug – While most people vacuum the top, the bottom of the rug routinely gets overlooked. This is unacceptable, since it can have a big impact on your air quality. As the rug keeps collecting dirt on the bottom side, it can flood your home with unwanted germs. Fortunately the solution is simple, so flip over your rug and start vacuuming. If yours is looking tattered after years of use, don’t hesitate to replace it with one of our Modern Rugs!

Where to Clean #2: Forgotten Appliances – By the time the kitchen is hit, only major appliances get recognition. While the blender gets washed after each use, other tools constantly get neglected. The toaster and microwave are perfect examples of this, since we use them every day. Despite their rampant use, they rarely get hit with some extra love. This causes a shocking amount of germ buildup, so do yourself a favor and start cleaning them.

Where to Clean #3: Cleaning Supplies – Ironically, this is one of the easiest places to overlook. We spend all the time straightening up the house, but our mops and brooms rarely get a wipe down. Their handles deserve some attention, so don’t forget to give them it!


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