Revamp Your Bedroom By Livening Up the Nightstand

Revamp Your Bedroom By Livening Up the Nightstand

Nestled by the bed, nightstands are the best compliment to any bedroom. They can’t help but steal the spotlight, since they flank the main purpose of the room. Nightstands provide the perfect platform to showcase your creativity. From their decorations to placement, spending some time organizing your nightstand goes a long way. They have the potential to illuminate the room, so don’t miss out on this potential.

Even though they are constantly under scrutiny, nightstands have a way of getting neglected. On top of accumulating ungodly amounts of clutter, many people fail to decorate them properly. This is more than just a missed opportunity, since it can drain even the most vibrant décor. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to liven up nightstands. They aren’t always obvious, so we compiled a list of the best methods. Discover what your nightstand is missing with this eye-opening list!

Best Ways to Liven Up Your Nightstand

Method #1: Add Some Flowers – Every space can use some vegetation, and your bedroom is no exception. Even though it sounds simple, throwing some freshly cut flowers in a vase can reinvigorate your bedroom. They offer the perfect break from the norm, since their vibrant colors are complemented by pleasant aromas. This combination is slightly tedious, but well worth the effort!

Method #2: Use the Right Accessories – Nothing is worse than a barren nightstand. This is where loose items begin to clutter, so stop this trend before it starts. By adding some decorative bowls and trays, users get access to stylish organization. To go the extra mile, compliment these items with one of our Modern Lamps. This combination is irresistible, since it provides the best of both worlds!

Method #3: Rethink the Lighting – Instead of settling for ordinary options, sometimes it pays to think outside the box. If there isn’t enough space on your nightstand, free things up with unique light fixtures. These can be mounted on the wall, which provide ample room to showcase something new. This extra space opens up doors to countless innovations, so let your imagination go wild.


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