Spice Up the Foot of Your Bed With these Additions

Spice Up the Foot of Your Bed With these Additions

Out of all the places people fail to utilize, the foot of the bed has the most potential. This is prime real estate for a creative addition, since the number of items that can be implemented is staggering. From vibrant ottomans to entire sofas, there’s no shortage of furniture that can complement your bed. On top of adding some much-needed flair, these items create valuable opportunities. With some additions, clients get access to extra storage. Having more space opens up doors to alternative accommodation, so everyone wins.

There are a slew of items that can transform your bedroom simply by being placed in the right position. These pieces aren’t normally placed at the foot of the bed, so they routinely get overlooked. Even though they defy most traditional decorations, they are hands down the best choices. We know they are easy to miss, so we compiled a list of epic additions for everyone’s bedrest. They will revolutionize your room, so don’t hesitate to add these items to the foot of your bed!

3 Ways to Revolutionize the Foot of Your Bed

Addition #1: Sofas & Loveseats – While tables and stands are common, putting a small sofa at the foot of your bed breaks all the rules. It provides the perfect amount of rebellion that compliments your décor. On top of adding a refreshing twist to an outdated method, it also provides space to sit down. This can provide an intimate setting to get to know someone or the best angle for the TV. Either way you win, since this space will change how you spend time in the bedroom!

Addition #2: Desks – Most people try to separate the two, but putting a desk in the bedroom is a winning combination. This provides the perfect space to get work done, as well as providing a platform for decorations. Peruse through our epic selection of Modern Desks to find the perfect one for your home!

Addition #3: Custom Benches – Normally the word bench evokes feelings of boredom, but many designers are challenging this with wild designs. Before there used to be only a few classic models, but now the sky is the limit. From designs with hooves to psychedelic overtones, throwing in a daring bench is the perfect centerpiece!


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