3 Tips For Picking the Right Rug Size

3 Tips For Picking the Right Rug Size

Picking the right sized rug is one of the most daunting choices home owners face. It’s an intimidating purchase, since there are so many factors to take into consideration. Rugs aren’t known for being cheap, and the sky is the limit for how much you can spend. From semi-cheap alternatives to high quality additions, no rug will leave your wallet completely unscathed. Throw in the fact that the size needed varies depending on the décor and you have a classic conundrum.

Picking the right size rug is even more confusing than finding one that’s not outrageously prized. On one hand you don’t want it to be too big, but picking a small rug can be equally disastrous. The size of rug depends entirely on your décor, which opens doors to a myriad of tedious decisions. To help our readers avoid classic mistakes, we compiled a list of tips for picking the best rug size. These cues can help take the guesswork out of the process, so take advantage of this much needed advice!

Tips for Picking the Right Size Rug

Tip #1: No Furniture Left Behind –When picking a rug size, bigger is normally better. This rule goes for both the dining and living room. Avoid only covering the coffee table or dining table. Everyone’s feet should rest on a rug, so make sure it’s big enough to accommodate all the furniture.

Tip #2: Multiple Rugs Can Replace a Giant One – If a massive rug doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t hesitate to piece together a couple rugs in your bedroom. Having a medium to small size rug on both sides of the bed works, since they provide comfort on both sides. This lets you add two tones, so take advantage of it if you feel like it!

Tip #3: Keep the Shapes Consistent – Always pair up rugs that match the shape of the room it goes in. Rectangles should run the same way, and square rugs should match a square room. Browse our selection of Modern Rugs to pick shapes that are consistent with your home’s needs!


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