Liven Up Your Kitchen With Potted Plants

Liven Up Your Kitchen With Potted Plants

Despite popular belief, having a cramped kitchen doesn’t mean you’re doomed to bland décor. There’s a slew of choices at your disposal, with some being inadvertently green. Out of all the ways to spice up a kitchen, none are more rewarding than installing potted plants. They instantly liven up any room they are placed in, since nature is always in style. With the right presentation, they provide the best of both worlds. They are both calming and visually pleasing, and can revolutionize even the most unappealing kitchen.

Plants are proven to have a soothing effect on the subconscious mind, which makes them perfect additions for the kitchen. A well placed potted plant is a cheap alternative to fancier options that don’t cover all the bases.

Instead of blowing your budget on more décor, it’s time to get back to the basics. Plants are the best addition to any home, so it’s time to start taking advantage of the window light. For this reason, we compiled a list of easy places to install plants in tight kitchens. They are outrageously simple, so prepare to kick yourself for not thinking of these ideas before!

Best Places to Put Plants in the Kitchen

Ideal Spot #1: By the Dishes – There’s no better way to highlight your dining collection than flanking it with a couple plants. Whether they are on a shelf our counter, there are always ways to make room. Slide in a potted plant to highlight your options!

Ideal Spot #2: On the Fridge – Instead of piling boxes of cereal on the fridge, add some plants instead. Even for those who are religious cereal eaters, there’s still hope. You can place the boxes in-between plants, creating a brilliant mix.

Ideal Spot #3: Build a Shelf – For those who are blessed with a window sink, this is the perfect option. Simply building a shelf over the sink creates the perfect place to showcase your plants. To take things to the next level, highlight the plants with some Mid-Century Lighting!


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