Secrets to Maintaining Pristine Hardwood Floors

Secrets to Maintaining Pristine Hardwood Floors

Even though hardwood floors are gorgeous, they are surprisingly high maintenance. A slew of simple mistakes can turn vibrant wooden flooring into a dull décor blunder. While there’s plenty of controversy surrounding the best ways to clean them, a few proven methods can help preserve them. These range from things to do and not to do, since both extremes can cause damage. Even though most of these problem causers are obvious, it never ceases to amaze us what gets passed as true.

Nowadays, clients are inundated with so much conflicting advice that finding the real solutions is daunting. Scrolling through pages of mismatched advice isn’t just intimidating, it can be misleading. For this reason, we decided to separate fact from fiction by creating this list. Prepare to be blown away by the simplicity of the best ways to preserve hardwood floors!

Preserving Hardwood Floors 101

Tip #1: Don’t Use Vinegar Cleaners – While many DIY blogs insist that vinegar is a godsend, it’s the root of many problems. The acetic acid in white vinegar isn’t just unappealing, it can destroy your finish. This speeds up the natural process of wood floors becoming dull. Keep your floors bright by avoiding vinegar based cleaning supplies!

Tip #2: Add Plenty of Rugs – No preservation effort makes as much of a difference as a simple rug. They offer a level of protection that all the other options lack. Installing rugs is hands down the best way to ensure that your hardwood floors stay vibrant. This method sets the stage for highlights, so browse our Modern Rugs to discover the perfect addition to your home!

Tip #3: Keep Your Humidity in Check – It doesn’t matter how pristine your floor is kept, one unforeseen element can destroy it. Unregulated humidity can wreak havoc on the most well-kept flooring. For this reason, always monitor the temperature and humidity of your home. You may be surprised by what you find, since it’s an easy thing to overlook!


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