Don’t Miss These Areas While Decorating

Don’t Miss These Areas While Decorating

Many places in the home obviously need decorations, which causes some areas to routinely get missed. While most of us focus on blank walls and dining tables, other places are left barren of décor. Neglecting these places isn’t just a shame, it’s a blow to the aesthetics of your home. By showing love to a few key areas, anyone can make their décor stand out. These places range from obvious to obscure, but they all make an impact.

It’s easy to fall into the same traps, but seeing through the normal pitfalls makes decorating your home easy. Once you are armed with the right game plan, this once taxing chore becomes painfully obvious. To help our readers take their homes to the next level, we compiled a list of spaces that routinely get missed. Decorating these areas does wonders, so quit settling for sub-par décor!

Areas That Routinely Get Missed While Decorating

Area #1: In the Shower – Due to its private nature, this is easily the most neglected part of the house when it comes to décor. While most guests won’t be using it, they can’t help but glance at it while using the bathroom. To get the most out of this area, invest in a tub caddy. This provides the perfect platform to showcase humidity loving plants and knickknacks. You can also mount racks on the wall to provide even more storage space!

Area #2: On the Stairwell – While it’s easy to walk past this option, it makes a massive difference. Simply hanging paintings and mirrors above the stair landing makes a big impression. Choose one of our Mirrors to add a burst of creativity to your staircase!

Area #3: Windowsills – This is the perfect place for anything that needs sun, so start taking advantage of it. Install as many low maintenance plants as possible. They will simultaneously liven up and refresh your home!


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