Stay Warm & Cozy!

The temperature here in New Jersey has been freezing- (LITERALLY- we’ve been hitting temperatures as low as 12 degrees!) With that being said, most of us are reaching for hot lattes, hugging our blankets tight, and cuddling up by the fireplace at night. We have a cold winter ahead of us, so here are some of our coziest products to help keep you warm throughout these cold winter  months.




Classy & Button-Tufted

A classy modern bedroom is what we went searching for and look what we found. We found a gorgeous tangerine bedroom with a deeply tufted headboard. Button-tufted headboards have become so popular over the years and I’m glad they have. It’s a classic style that I really don’t think is going anywhere for a long while. And why should they leave when they add a sense of elegance and sophistication to any bedroom?


Throw Pillows: Jazz or Clutter?

Such a classic look with just a hint of mid-century style added with the Noguchi Coffee Table in the center of this modern living room. The cream-colored sectional, although very risky in most homes, keeps this living space clean and simple. Throw pillows add a dash of color that mirrors the artwork on the bright wall.

If you find yourself looking to give your living room a facelift, try placing some colorful throw pillows on the sofa and an arc lamp like the Ion Floor Lamp to brighten up any dreary living space.

What do you think about throw pillows? Do they add a little jazz to a space or just act as clutter?


Now I’ve seen everything

When you can’t find the exact outdoor chair you’re looking for, you can always build your own! Or, in this case, grow your own. While it may not be the fastest solution to your seating needs, it certainly is one of the most creative! And I found the perfect pillow to pair it with! Click here for a link to the artists’ website and other examples of their amazing work.

Caveat: Despite its hippie roots, the Tree Hugger pillow really prefers to remain indoors except, perhaps, for brief sojourns into the backyard. Think indoor cat on a leash and you get the idea.


Blissliving Home Ashley Duvet: See It In Action

There’s nothing like a fun and vibrant duvet to brighten up your modern bedroom. As you can see in this room, the Ashley Duvet Set from Blissliving Home adds the perfect pop of color.

Available in the size of your choice, the Ashley Duvet Set comes with two shams and a duvet cover. This modern bedding is also available in your choice of color, both with bright colors that will add some color all year round. If you are in the mood for a switch to a more neutral look, you can reverse the duvet to reveal a pewter gray base.

What do you think of the Ashley Duvet Set? Do you need something like this to brighten up your bedroom?



Bright Pillows for Spring

Are you ready for Winter to be over already? At Inmod, we sure are!

Even though the weather may not be Spring-like, your decor can be with these bright and sunny modern pillows from Blissliving Home. Switch out whatever pillows you’ve got on your sofa and bed and bring in the color! The vibrant pinks, yellows, purples and blues will put a spring into your step whenever you walk into the room.

Each of these pillows has a cozy down insert and available in size 18 x 18, aside from the bottom right pillow which is also available in 12 x 16. Even if you’re not the type of person to add some color to your home, Blissliving Home offers plenty of neutral pillows that are just as fabulous.

Will you add color to your home with pillows as the warmer seasons approach?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Do you have any special plans for this holiday or will you be staying in away from the crowds? Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, you can add a little love to your home with this Leyla’s Spell It Out Heart Pillow.

This sweet and stylish modern pillow is a great accessory for any sofa, chair or bedroom in your home. It’s heart design adds whimsical flair that is still chic and contemporary. Instead of just on Valentine’s Day, the Heart Pillow spreads love every day of the year!

So, however you’re celebrating today, we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!


For the Mini Music Lover

Whether you have a little one in your life that loves music and music lovers with a little one on the way, the Ferm Living Guitar Pillow is an adorable accessory. Perfect to give as a gift or use as a cute accessory in your little one’s room or playroom, the Guitar Pillow is a great pillow to snuggle up to.

Made of 100% organic cotton, the Ferm Living Guitar Pillow is 28″ high and has fun, colorful patterns behind the graphic guitar strings. In addition to this cute musical instrument, Ferm Living has plenty of other fun pillows to choose from, to add modern style with comfortable functionality to any child’s room.

Even though these Guitar Pillows are intended for children, we’re sure there are plenty of adults that wouldn’t mind receiving one of these awesome modern pillows!!

What do you think of the Guitar Pillow? Do you know someone that would love to have one?


Design Your Own at Inmod

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the Design Your Own options at Inmod, so we figured we’d bring you up to speed and talk about all of the different items you can customize on our website.

The photo you see above is a screenshot from the bottom of the Inmod homepage, under the Design Your Own tab. This shows us all of the different modern furniture and home decor items that can be tuned to fit your style and personality. You may be most familiar with our Design Your Own Pillows and Bedding, as those are our most popular items.

In addition to those two, you can also design your own Ball Chairs, Egg Chairs and ModPod Egg Chairs. For the Ball and ModPod Chairs, you can choose the shell color, the fabric type and color, as well as speaker and sound options. The Jacobsen-style Egg Chair is simpler in style – but not in options – look at all of those colors and fabrics you can choose from!

If you are having a difficult time finding the sofa of your dreams, you can design your own sofa right here at Inmod. Tons of different shapes, styles and fabrics are available to choose from so that you can create the perfect design and arrangement for your home.

Finally, we have Custom Sputnik lamps that you can design to your liking – from size, shape, finish and number of arms.

And there you have it – all of the Design Your Own Options available at Inmod. What do you want to design first?