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Xmas in July, Anyone?

We can’t believe we missed the Christmas in July celebrations! We’re a couple of days behind now, but if anyone had any parties to celebrate, let us know what you did and how it went. This small seating nook is perfectly decorated for the occasion, don’t you think? And the best piece in this space has definitely got to be the Saarinen Marble Side Table!


Get Some R&R in Classic Comfort

I can’t tell if this is a child’s bedroom or a play/homework room, but I can tell you that this child has the coolest parents! The Bubble Chair is such a cool piece of furniture for any elegant modern or mid-century style space, but it’s an even cooler lounge for the kids’ room. It makes the perfect spot for them to catch up on their summer reading or just take a little break after a long day at camp. But don’t forget Y-O-U. After running around all day at work and with the kids, it makes a comfortable and cozy lounge for you to enjoy some rest and relaxation, too! Jazz it up with a couple of throw pillows – it will add a unique decorative accent to an already fantastic statement piece.

What do you think of the Bubble Chair? Where would you put it in your home?


Mid-Century Exteriors You’ll Love

Mid-century style homes are not only classics, they’re also an increasingly popular trend today in home buying. More and more shoppers are looking for those 1950s style homes all across the country. They’re looking for the classic mid-century modern exterior; you know the ones…

The ones with the retro shapes and the large floor to ceiling style glass windows…

Or the ones with the brightly colored front doors with the narrow rectangular glass windows… They’re all part of the classic mid-century style. Here’s a few more stunning mid-century home exteriors. They’re all so beautiful, I can only image how the interiors look. I’m sure they have a bunch of mid-century modern classics like the Saarinen Round Marble Dining Table or the Classic Plywood Lounge Chair & Ottoman.


Pastels and Bold Colors in Modern Dining

We don’t normally see too much color in the kitchen or dining room, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a dab or two of color to spice up your dining experience. Many times, we see dining rooms consist of shades of black, white, grey and brown. In an chic modern dining space, the most prominent tables seem to be those with glass tops and the most popular choice for seating has been black, white or grey chairs with chromed frames. Not anymore….

It’s time to break away from the normal and try something different! Add a pastel touch or add a pop of bold fluorescent color. Don’t forget to choose the right chairs for your space, too. How about the Hans Wegner Style Wishbone Chairs or the Bunny Side Chair?


Rustic? Industrial? Modern? How About All Three?

When it comes to modern interior design, the style isn’t so straight-forward anymore. Many times, blending two or three different styles together can create a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. When you think about rustic style, you may tend to think about tables and chairs made of natural materials like reclaimed or distressed wood in a log cabin or in a farmhouse. On the other hand, when you look at industrial furniture design, you mainly see pieces constructed using galvanized steel or wrought iron in a warehouse style setting or an urban loft with exposed brick. Modern design, in my mind, consists of sleek, clean lines and various shades of black and white in the color scheme.

Here we have found a gorgeous mix of rustic, industrial and modern styles coming together to create a stunning kitchen interior. Industrial style, Bastille Counter Stools sit tall at the island counter to provide excellent dining space for the impromptu midnight snack while the wooden counter tops add a slightly rustic look. Beyond the industrial and rustic design, the clean white and black gives the space that classic modern feel that blows you away when you walk into the room.

Do you love this rustic-industrial-modern kitchen? How would you combine three different design styles to make your perfect space?


Cozy Up in Rustic-Modern Style

Rustic-modern style isn’t just about old pieces of furniture made out of reclaimed wood and metal. No – it’s about finding the right mix of natural and man-made materials to create a chic little space that you can’t wait to get home to. A rustic space doesn’t even necessarily have to include old wood at all, but many do. Take for instance, this rustic-modern living room. The walnut finished coffee table makes quite a statement underneath a couple of hand-made ceramic vases, while the whole space is complemented by the wood beam ceiling and the exposed brick walls. The ivory leather sectional adds a bold modern style to the rustic chic living room and is accentuated by a variety of tossed pillows to make the space even more cozy. Who said modern couldn’t be cozy?


Stark Contrast Bachelor Pads

Bachelor pads aren’t all made the same and it’s pretty likely that one will not be suitable for another – it’s all about personalizing to fit you. On another note, just because you’re a bachelor, doesn’t mean you have to have a place that looks like a teen lives in it. That means you don’t have to have video games and your favorite band or singer’s posters hanging on your walls. No; You can have a sleek, clean and classy space that you love to call “home”. Here are two really great bachelor pads with a stark contrast in style, but definitely fit the modern bachelor pad style.

High ceilings, tall glass windows that look out to a great big city skyline, and a dark brown color scheme throughout this bedroom offer a bachelor just the kind of space he’d be looking to call “his own”. Or maybe try something a little different…

Like a chic modern living room with a cozy sectional paired with a faux fur area rug and beautiful solid wood accents. What man wouldn’t want to call this space “home”?