Before and After: Ellen Pompeo’s Dramatic Trailer Makeover!

Have you seen Ellen Pompeo’s incredible “Grey’s Anatomy” trailer makeover? Originally outfitted in brown, plastic, faux-bois paneled walls, clunky wood furniture that were bolted to the ground, and barren window boxes that provided little light from the outside world, Pompeo and the Domaine team set out to transform the dungeonous motor home into a fresh, tranquil hangout spot without breaking the bank.



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Our “Standard Style Chairs” helped transform Ellen Pompeo’s trailer from “drab” to “fab!”






Check out the full article here. What do you think of this makeover?


Monkeying Around, Inmod Style!

The other day I was browsing our site and I stopped to admire our Siella Micos Chair Collection. These chairs are so fun, I can’t stop thinking about them! In addition to radiating coolness, these chairs are also eco-friendly and handmade. You can have just one as a living room side chair (although I don’t know how you could pick just one) or purchase a set and use them in your dining room or kitchen. I love the picture above sent in from one of our customers with a sense of humor! These “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil” themed chairs got my co-workers and me talking. As it was a Friday afternoon and the week was coming to an end, Jourdan (aka Web Content Janitor), thought we should do our own version of these chairs, so we pulled out some lollipop stools and the monkeying around began.

And now may I introduce…Ralph! This picture of Ralph pretty much summarizes how he spends most of his days at the office. However, he sometimes does put on his working cap, and when he does he can pretty much do anything. Ralph is officially Inmod’s Web Content Wizard and is responsible for getting all of the new lines up on the site, helping maintain existing products and managing the web team’s music rotation (much to my dismay).

Doesn’t it look like Inmod is a super fun office? What do you think about the Siella Micos Chairs? Doesn’t Ralph make those Lollipop Stools look fabulous?


Summer Days!

While the first day of summer is not technically until June 21st, yesterday kicked off the unofficial start to the summer season.

I love this weather! In the winter I tend to have hermit-like tendencies, but once the temperature goes above sixty I am re-born! It’s not that I don’t like the winter, because I really do! As a matter of fact, as a born and breed New Jersean, I love the change of seasons and I appreciate and embrace each one for its differences. So as June approaches I come out of hibernation. When I leave work the sun is still out, and instead of looking forward to a warm bed, I look forward to a cold margarita! I stay out later, hang out with friends during the week (gasp!) and am generally more cheerful.

Inmod loves the summer too, and we have all of the necessary ingredients in one place to help make your summer more cheerful! Lounge with your friends and light a fire with Inmod’s modern outdoor furniture collection and our gorgeous Indoor/Outdoor fireplaces. Drift off into paradise while relaxing on one of our stunning hammocks, while the tranquil Falling Water Fountain trickles nearby. Enjoy a delicious margarita (or three) in one of Artecnica’s recycled glass tumblers. For those of you who only have a precious few months of this weather remember to have fun and savor these summer days. Before you know it, it will be snowing again and you will be buying Vitamin D supplements in bulk.

What is your favorite thing about summer? How do you relax with friends and family?


Introducing Jourdan and Some Cool Fish Tanks

It should be known to all our readers that Inmod pretty much has the coolest employees around. To kick off the introductions of Inmod’s awesome staff we will begin with my office neighbor, Jourdan .

Jourdan, our Web Content Janitor, as he jokingly refers to himself, keeps the site up to date and accurate (his official title is Product Update Manager). In his free time he relaxes by hanging out with his girlfriend (yes he does have one, despite dressing up as superheroes in public), his cat Neko, and by reading comics. Jourdan is a sucker for a good “chick-flick,” and has a penchant for fruity cocktails. On more than one occasion the web-team has had him surrender his man-card, which he gladly does, because he has an awesome sense of humor and is totally confident in his own skin.

Jourdan is our in house cool kid “nerd,” and that is why he is so fun to work with! This weekend he is beginning a project with over $300 worth of tiny building blocks and a fish tank (we can’t wait to see it!) His DIY idea got me thinking about fish tanks and the different unique ways you can display one in your home. These amazing fish tanks are art pieces in their own right! I absolutely want the coffee table display, how beautiful, and what a conversation piece! However, I think the computer aquarium may be more manageable for me.

What do you think about these creative masterpieces? Would you have one in your home? What about Jourdan, isn’t he awesome?


Green with Envy

Eco-friendly products are here to stay (thank god)! If you are like me, concerned about the environment, but not quite sure how to navigate the jargon of “sustainable” goods, check out the Transglass collection designed by Tord Boontjeand Emma Woffenden for Artecnica’s Design with Conscious project. Your friends will be “green” with envy when you show them your amazing “one of a kind” Transglass Set of 4 Tumblers.

Made from recycled wine and beer bottles and Handcrafted in Guatemala by independent artisans, this eco-friendly collection is the epitome of up-cycling. So have a few friends over, “drink up” and add to your collection.

What piece from the Transglass collection Transglass collection is your favorite? How do you feel about making something new and reusable from something originally meant to be disposable and for a single use?


Round 2 – The Rachel Zoe Project: Where’d They Get That?

You may recall our post a few weeks back about the Kenneth Wingard lamp featured on the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Well, they’re back again this week with not one but TWO awesome products from Inmod!

If you watched last night then you know it was the birth of Rachel Zoe’s baby. (And if you don’t know who Rachel is, she’s a celebrity stylist with a TV show following her life and business on Bravo.)

Before the baby came home, the employees of Rachel Zoe scrambled to get the nursery ready for their homecoming. What was in that nursery? A beautifully modern Roh Crib by Spot On Square with eco-friendly acrylic panels and locally sourced wood.

Turn around from the crib and you’ll find the matching Spot On Square Roh Dresser with a convenient, removable changing tray.

What do you think about this modern baby nursery?


Rachel Zoe Project: Where’d They Get That?

If you’re a Bravo lover like me, chances are you’ve seen the latest season of the Rachel Zoe Project. Which means you’ve probably seen that cool lamp in the background of Rachel Zoe’s home. Even if you haven’t, it doesn’t matter  – because we’re focusing more on the lamp that’s been seen in the background than we are on Rachel!

Do you recognize that bright, beautiful lamp? It’s the Truffault Lamp by Kenneth Winguard, available right here at Inmod! If you love it as much as Rachel Zoe, act fast – as it will only be available for a short amount of time!

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HGTV’s Secrets From a Stylist: Get the Look at Inmod

Have you been watching HGTV’s new show Secrets From a Stylist?

For each episode, stylist Emily Henderson gives a room in a family’s home two makeovers. First, Emily diagnoses the family’s personal style and then integrates the style layer by layer. Each room is re-styled with two looks, the first look is one personal style while the second look combines two styles.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, we definitely recommend it! Especially since some of the looks can be obtained right here at Inmod.

The first image shown above is the Bend Seating Drum as it was used in Episode 12 of Secrets From a Stylist. The awesome Drum provides additional seating when necessary and fashionably holds decorative pillows when not in use.

The second image here shows a Fatboy Original Beanbag from Episode 9. Available in a wide ranges of colors, the Fatboy Original Beanbag provides fun, extra seating that adds a playful pop of color to your decor.

Give a room in your modern home a makeover on your own by getting the HGTV look right here at Inmod! Which look would you choose – the Bend Seating Drum or the Fatboy Beanbag?

HGTV images taken from:

Where’d They Get That? – Get Him to the Greek

Last night, I was watching the movie Get Him To The Greek with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. In the background of one scene, I noticed the Lights Up! Weegee Floor Lamp in the background, and then found this photo on the Lights Up! website.

Own a piece of Get Him to The Greek with the Lights Up! Weegee Floor Lamp, available at Inmod. In the movie, it is shown in the Kimono shade. A large variety of other patterns and colors are available as well. There is also a Weegee Table Lamp for those who prefer a smaller lamp.

In the movie, the Weegee Floor Lamp is tucked into a corner. Where will you put the Lights Up! Weegee Floor Lamp?

Where’d They Get That? – Gossip Girl

If you tune in to the scandalous lives of those on Gossip Girl every Monday night, you may have recognized the Fish & Pebbles Organic Crib Set in this past week’s episode. Designed by Argington, the Fish & Pebbles Crib Set is made from all natural and organic cotton. It is reversible, so you can switch between fish and pebbles, or fold it over for a doubled look. The Fish & Pebbles Organic Crib Set is available at and includes a reversible comforter and bumper, one fitted sheet and one crib skirt. Click to Argington’s blog to read their post on the Gossip Girl appearance.