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Light It Up Retro-Style!

When it comes to lighting, there are so many different types and designs –chandeliers, floor lamps, wall sconces, etc. When choosing a lighting solution for any place in your home, you first need to know what style it is that you’re looking to create. Take a look at this mid-century style living space.

What do you see? The room is pulled together with earthy tones and neutral colors like brown, tan, and green. The fun doesn’t stop at the furniture – the lighting is fantastic, isn’t it? Have you seen this kind of lighting anywhere? Sometimes you just need to add a couple of unique accessories to jazz up an otherwise plain space. Admit it – without the creative wall lighting, this space just wouldn’t be the same!


Artecnica’s Icarus Pendant Light

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story of Icarus, fear not, I am here to give you a brief lesson in Greek mythology. Born to the inventor and master craftsman know as Daedalus, Icarus was imprisoned alongside his father by King Minos on the Island of Crete. To add insult to injury the two were held captive in Daedalus’s very own invention, the Labyrinth. As it was impossible to escape through either land or sea, the savvy Daedalus constructed “wings” from wax and feathers to emulate the wings of a bird. Amazingly, the wings worked, and before their big escape, Daedalus cautioned Icarus to maintain a steady mid-altitude flight, not to low as the sea could wet his feathers making them too heavy, and no to high as the sun would melt the wax on his wings.

Unfortunately, Poor Icarus did not heed his father’s advise, and upon leaving Crete, the taste of freedom was just too sweet to not soar higher and higher. The sun melted the wax, the feathers loosened, and Icarus plunged into the sea and drowned. The End.

Alas, the story of the Icarus Pendant Light is a happier one. Inspired by the beauty, not the foolishness of its fallen namesakes, Artecnica’s Icarus Pendant Light was designed as an homage to this hubristic character. The “feathers” allow for soft diffused lighting, and create a sense of movement, reminiscent of a bird in flight. This pendant light is sure to turn any space into a romantic and magical atmosphere. I think using them in pairs adds a certain completeness to them as I keep imagining them perched over my vanity. What do you think of the Icarus Pendant Light? Where would you put one in your home?


See It In Action: Medusa Pendant Lamp

Take a look at that beautiful modern pendant lamp above the dining table in this modern kitchen. It’s bold and stylish with its large size, but it isn’t at all overpowering or dominating the decor of the room.

What you see there is the Medusa Pendant Lamp by Nuevo Living. Made from a chrome base, the bulbs of the pendant lamp attach to the base with adjustable cables. The Medusa Pendant is available in two sizes to choose from; the small size has 30 bulbs, the large has 50.

Not only would this chic modern pendant look amazing in a modern kitchen or dining room, but it would also add wonderful accent to a high, open foyer.

Where would you put the Medusa Pendant in your home?



Modern Sputnik Bathroom

Happy Friday! It’s the first official weekend of Spring – hopefully the weather steps up to the plate and gives us something warm!

This week at the Inmod blog, we’re talking modern bathrooms. A couple of Fridays ago, we featured a kitchen with a similar wood counter as this. Although much smaller in size, the wood brings a similar variation to the clean modern decor in the bathroom as it did in the kitchen.

As a modern furniture company, what we love most is the Sputnik Lamp featured in this bathroom. Sputniks look fabulous wherever they are, but it’s not often you see them in a bathroom – and this is proof that they will look great there too! Depending on the colors and size of your bathroom, you can customize Sputnik Lamps at Inmod if you are interested in recreating this look.

What do you think of this modern bathroom? How do you feel about the Sputnik?



Trend Lighting Sale

There’s nothing like a sale to brighten up the middle of the week – especially when it’s one that will brighten up your home. And that’s exactly what’s going on at Inmod – a fabulous sale on Trend Lighting.

For a limited time, you can save 10% off of all Trend Lighting products at If you’ve been thinking about adding a floor lamp to your living room or updating the table lamps in your bedroom, now is the time. Couldn’t your kitchen table use a new chandelier overhead? Or how about some wall lamps for those empty hallway walls?

Whatever modern lighting solutions you may need, Trend Lighting has a variety of options, all in sleek modern style. Not to mention, ON SALE! So hurry up and start saving before this sale is no longer!

What Trend Lighting pieces are your favorites?


Hollywood Lights

Wall sconces don’t seem to be as common as pendant lights or chandeliers. While pendants and chandeliers are ideal for accessorizing a dining table or countertop, wall sconces really add extra pizzazz to any room, especially when they’re the sleek Hollywood Sconces from Viso. With these sconces, you can adorn your home with beautiful modern lighting like those seen in fabulous Hollywood homes!

Sparkling crystals cover the light bulbs to reflect light throughout the room. The crystals are covered by a translucent mylar shade for added style and protection.

Pair them in the bathroom for a glamorous look, or line them up and down the walls of a hallway. These modern wall sconces will also look great around the perimeter of a dining room or bedroom for a sparkling, romantic vibe that is also chic and full of glam.

How would you style these sconces in your home?


The Nut Pendant In Action

Take a look at the cluster of Nut Pendants in the kitchen above. The kitchen isn’t the most modern of kitchens, but these pendant lights add some contrast to the wood beams and ceiling.

Available in a variety of colors, the Nut Pendant Light is sweet enough on its own, or looks even better when paired with others. Made of wood veneer, this modern pendant light can be adjusted to any height you need.
What do you think of the Nut Pendant light in this kitchen?



Sometimes All It Takes…

Sometimes all it takes when you’re feeling like your decor is a bit boring and blah is a fun modern table lamp. Instead of rearranging furniture or ordering a new sofa, introducing a new table lamp is a quick and easy fix, not to mention cheaper and easier on the back!

Introducing a modern table lamp such as the Viso Bolio Table Lamp or the Viso Bolio Base Lamp works in every room in the house. If you’re feeling tired of your living room, add one of these lamps to a side table or console table. The same goes for your modern bedroom furniture, just add a table lamp to a nightstand or dresser and you instantly have something new to be excited about.

Both the Bolio Table Lamp and Base Lamp are available at and made from metal and polished aluminum that gives a chic modern sheen to any room.

Where would you add a table lamp to your home?

The Asaki Pendant

The images above are from a previous post in which we found the awesome Asaki Pendant in action. And while we love the way this modern pendant light looks in both images, today we’ve got another way to style this light in your home:

Although the pendant light above this modern table isn’t the Asaki Pendant, the concept is the same – and we love the way they have it spread out and dangling over the table. And if you’re feeling crafty, you can paint the Asaki Pendant in one bright color or several colors for a vibrant look.

What this really shows us is the diversity the Asaki Pendant offers. It can be arranged in a tight circle, square, triangle, etc – or it could be spread across an entire room!

What do you think of this modern light fixture? How would you arrange it?

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