Stay Kul – Inmod Style

main_feat_kvad_rooftopOne thing we can all appreciate is a nice, cool night to end off a hot summer day. There is no better way to do that that kick back with a frothy beverage, poolside on a Rotoluxe Stool by Kul Concepts. Eco friendly, modern, and functional, these unique pieces designed by Hanz Lammersdorf  will light up every summer night like fireworks on the 4th of July! These luminous pieces can be utilized in so many different ways – as tables, vases, stools – and are always works of art. They are sure to be a hit at your summer gatherings! Check out the Rotoluxe Line by Kul, one of our fave product lines of the “Made in America” series!souluxe-solar-lighting-rotoluxe


Have a Ball!


This week we are celebrating the Independence of the beautiful United States here at Inmod! To kick off one of our favorite holidays, we are hosting exclusive sales on our modern classics and other products. Jump start your celebration by savings over sixty percent at our July 4th Home Sales Event!

Throughout this week, on the Inmod Blog, we will be highlighting our “Made in the USA” product line.   These products come from a variety of innovative, forward thinking, modern companies and individuals that are scattered across the glorious U.S. Pay homage to your favorite classics with Made in the USA today!

Featured Product:  Custom Ball Chairs

When Inmod first debuted in 2003, we brought the classic style of the iconic Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair back – with a modern twist. With over forty different selections of upholstery, and a multitude of shell colors, you have a variety of color combinations to choose from! Each chair is produced with precision and intricate attention to every detail. We offer a speaker or mp3 upgrade, as well as an optional ottoman! See more product information here: Kick up your feet, and have a ball!!


Memorial Day weekend

Amazingly, we’re in the final countdown until Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial kickoff to the American summer. As we all know, it’s a weekend full of barbecues, picnics, parades and (hopefully) some tasty pie. If we’re really lucky, there will also be a pool or beach involved.

Just saying “Memorial Day” evokes vivid childhood memories of riding in my hometown parade in the back of my dad’s classic car, waving to folks lining the parade route. The parade ended at the appropriately named Memorial Field, and we’d all have to be quiet and respectful while the names of our town’s fallen were read and flowers were placed on wreaths. When the service was over, all the kids would break and run for the free ice cream that was provided, relieved to escape from the solemnity.

As a small child, I barely comprehended the significance of the ceremony. As an adult, I understand it too well, as friends and neighbors have lost loved ones in combat over the past few years. I know this weekend I will be taking some time out from all the fun I have planned, to reflect on the sacrifices of others that make life as I know it possible, and to remember our fallen soldiers and their families.

How do you plan to spend your Memorial Day weekend?


New at Inmod: Cerno Lighting

Revamp the modern lighting within your home with the chic and innovative Cerno Lighting, newly available at

Made in the USA from eco-friendly materials, modern lighting from Cerno is unique and stylish, with a distinct contemporary style. From floor lamps and table lamps to wall sconces and pendant lights, Cerno has a variety of products to choose from, each one made with high quality woods and metals. Many pieces by Cerno are made by hand, ensuring the finest quality in your modern lighting.

Above you see the Onus LED Table Lamp, the Acra LED Pendant, and the Levo LED Wall Sconce. From these three modern lighting fixtures, you can see the innovative style that Cerno displays.

Which piece will you choose for your home?


Discovery Day

Happy Columbus Day!

Here in the United States, today is the celebration of when Christopher Columbus arrived to America in 1492. In honor of his discovery of America, we’re celebrating with all of the modern furniture lines that we offer at Inmod with products that are made in the USA.

The products made within the USA demonstrate innovative design and quality manufacturing created locally. From unique outdoor lighting solutions from Rotoluxe to beautiful bedding from Wildcat Bedding, there are so many fabulous lines to browse through.

So, whether you are working today or are lucky enough to have the day off, take a few minutes to discover all of the awesome modern furniture that is made right here in the USA.


New at Inmod: Vervano

We’ve got something new and exciting for you here at Inmod: Vervano!

Vervano is a collection of modern furniture that is eco-friendly AND made in the USA. What more could you ask for? It is stylish and sustainable, all in one. Plus, there are plenty of pieces available – from modern dining chairs and tables to dressers and desks.

Each piece within the Vervano Collection is made from sustainably sourced wood with low VOC finishes. Even the foam within the chairs are made from plant-based material!

You can see in the images above that the pieces from Vervano are sleek and modern, and look great when paired together! Go check out the entire line – you won’t be disappointed!


Relaxing Weekend


Start this weekend off right with one of these new modern sofas from True Modern. One of these sofas will promise weekends ahead of relaxation in ultimate modern style.

First, we have the TrueModern Jackson 104″ One-Arm Sofa w/ Bumper, which is just one of the many versions of this sofa. It is also available in a variety of colors with cozy down back pillows that will draw you in.

Up second is the TrueModern Hamlin One-Arm Sofa w/ Chaise, which also comes in many different styles and colors. This modern sofa is supported by sleek steel tube legs and has a classic baseball stitching pattern.

Both of these sofas from True Modern are made in the USA. I wish I was spending my weekend lounging on one of these sofas – don’t you?


Whimsical Wall Clocks

Add some modern whimsy to your walls with these new designs from Decoylab, now available at Inmod.

Made in the USA, these modern wall clocks have sweet, intricate laser-cut designs that provide sleek detail and modern style to any room. While most of the designs are more appropriate for a nursery or playroom, many of them can also be used where the adults hang out, too – in bathrooms, bedrooms or offices.

With Daylight Savings Time getting closer, changing the clocks will be even more fun with a modern clock from Decoylab. Which design is your favorite?


New From Studio One Up: The Twist

Come on, everybody do the Jaxx Bean Bag Indoor/Outdoor Twist.

Made in the USA, the Twist is a new product from Studio One Up, now available at It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is the perfect way to lounge outside to catch some rays and then to take an afternoon snooze afterwards.

The cover is machine-washable and offered in a variety of patterns and colors to choose from. The interior is made from 100% recycled/shredded furniture-grade urethane foam.

Can you see yourself sunning and snoozing on the Twist?


Elemental Living

Have you had a chance to take a look at Elemental Living? It’s an awesome line of modern furniture that is made in the USA of eco-friendly materials. As you can see, they make all sorts of stylish pieces, from modern sofas and dining tables to lounge chairs and dining chairs. There’s even more that they make – which you can see for yourself on the Inmod site.

In October, the two founders of Elemental Living were featured in Design Milk’s Designer Dailies. It’s pretty cool to see some behind-the-scenes of their furniture!

What’s your favorite piece from Elemental Living?