Before and After: Ellen Pompeo’s Dramatic Trailer Makeover!

Have you seen Ellen Pompeo’s incredible “Grey’s Anatomy” trailer makeover? Originally outfitted in brown, plastic, faux-bois paneled walls, clunky wood furniture that were bolted to the ground, and barren window boxes that provided little light from the outside world, Pompeo and the Domaine team set out to transform the dungeonous motor home into a fresh, tranquil hangout spot without breaking the bank.



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Our “Standard Style Chairs” helped transform Ellen Pompeo’s trailer from “drab” to “fab!”






Check out the full article here. What do you think of this makeover?


Modern Kitchen + a Touch of Classic Industrial Style

Fresh, clean and modern with a slight touch of classic industrial style. This space right here just proves that you can mix and match styles no matter what space you’re looking to complete. Crisp white counter tops and cabinets create a sleek dining environment that’s just perfect and makes you want to spend time cooking in. I bet you never thought you’d see a Bastille Counter Stool in a sleek modern kitchen like this, though. Well, think again and don’t forget to think outside the box when designing your spaces. There are no rules… you can be as creative as you’d like!


Take a Risk with Color

Of all the colors of the spectrum, purple never struck me as a color I’d paint my dining room. I also never thought I’d see horizontal stripes surrounding any dining space. But this modern dining room has me swooning and considering repainting my dining space.

The dark purple walls are contrasted beautifully by the cream upholstered Parson style dining chairs. The bright dining chairs break up the slight monotony of the purple paint and dark woods surrounding the space. The dark wood in the floors, dining table and buffet server blend in with the rest of the space, however it is a very appropriate look for this modern dining style.

Just remember, when redecorating or putting together your dining room, sometimes taking a risk with color and decor really pays off!


Floating Shelves Float Above the Rest

Floating media units are so stylish and functional; those are two of the many reasons that they are found in so many modern living rooms. Ample shelving and storage allow for the same, or more, storage that a standard shelving unit would provide, only a whole lot of style comes with the look. If you’re looking to replace your traditional TV stand, why not give a floating media unit a chance?


Pampered Pets in Modern Classic Style

Jacobsen Style Swan Chair (left), Madrid Lounge (right)

Classic Plywood Lounge Chair & Ottoman (above)

Saarinen Womb Chair (above)

Our pets are such a big part of our life. Many of us treat them as if they were our own child – I know I do. Some of us have certain rules for our pets, others have none. Above are a couple of truly pampered pets living the life in classic modern style. What are your rules about allowing your pets on the furniture in your home? Would they be allowed on these lounge chairs?


Classy & Button-Tufted

A classy modern bedroom is what we went searching for and look what we found. We found a gorgeous tangerine bedroom with a deeply tufted headboard. Button-tufted headboards have become so popular over the years and I’m glad they have. It’s a classic style that I really don’t think is going anywhere for a long while. And why should they leave when they add a sense of elegance and sophistication to any bedroom?


Extendable, Definitely Not Expendable!

If Mother’s Day entertaining taught us anything this year, it’s to never underestimate how many guests you’ll be entertaining. You never know when that small get together will turn into a big family reunion. When more guests show up than intended, you don’t want to make them stand and eat their dinner, do you? I’m guessing you don’t – I wouldn’t either. When you need more room to seat dinner guests, an extendable dining table is the perfect solution. A regular sized dining table is perfect for nightly meals, but having the ability to extend that table is even better when you need more seating for those extra guests. We’ve put together a gallery of our favorite extendable dining tables below:

Calligaris Tower Extendable Dining Table(above)

Rossetto Nightfly Extendable Dining Table(above)

Tema Home Alpha Extendable Dining Table(above)

Oh, and it’s almost Memorial Day – you know what that means; those summer barbeques are right around the corner! Don’t forget about outdoor dining!

Vifah Escape Collection 441 Extendable Outdoor Dining Table(above)


Minimalist – Less is More

Welcome to a beautiful minimalist modern interior! Think about it – Sometimes less is more, and that’s why this is a really great space. A simple sectional and hanging Bubble Chair give this space just the right amount of style it needs. Clean lines and classy modern furniture – it’s perfection, don’t you think?


This warm weather’s got me thinking..

After three days of torrential rain and minor flooding here in the metro area, the sun has finally broken through the gray clouds and the temperature has risen past 70 degrees! All I can think about is summer. Think about it – the beach, backyard barbeques, lounging in the sun by the pool – I can’t wait!

Take a look at this stunning backyard in the southwest and tell me you don’t want summer. I guarantee you’re thinking right now about how you want to be lounging beneath the sun on those comfy outdoor chaise lounges. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.. I am too! Are you ready for summer?